38° Celcius

This might be super random, but I went to KL with my mom and aunties last month. Honestly though, I usually refused to go to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Japan, anywhere when it's summer, because I can not stand the heat. However, last month I decided to go since I really, really needed a holiday.

Yes, usually when my parents or my friends ask me for a summer holiday abroad, I'd refuse. I am actually a person who, literally can not stand the sun. If I walk out in the sun, for more than 30 minutes, I will get super dizzy. That happened in Hong Kong. This one time I went there in August to celebrate my dad's birthday and the weather was utterly hot. I tried to drink enough water to compensate for the loss of fluid in my body, it failed. I almost passed out. I think it's because of my low blood pressure that makes me more sensitive to heat and more prone to dehydration.

So actually going to KL was not a great idea for me. However, I really wanted to go for a holiday just with my mom, so I said yes. I felt the hot wind blowing on my face once I arrived there. Checked my phone and the weather was 38 degrees Celcius, but I prayed that it won't affect my holiday.

So much stuff happened in KL, seriously, I created a list:

(1) The hotel's position we stayed in was not the one we were thinking about. So I stayed at Bukit Bintang. We thought the hotel was right in front of Lot 10, saw it on Google Maps. It turned out that there is this building that looks exactly like our hotel and that one is located right in front of Lot 10. So, we had to walk a little bit to reach our real hotel. This kind of thing, in that kind of weather frustrated me out.

(2) We woke up real early in the morning to catch a bus to Genting Premium Outlet, but once we arrived at the bus station, the bus were all fully booked until 11am, because there was this huge tour group going to GPO too and they booked all of the buses.

(3) A taxi driver then offered us a ride to GPO. We agreed to go by his taxi. I sat on the very back of the car, my mom and aunties were all sitting in front and in the middle. I don't know why they had to give all the taxi money to me and not give them to my aunt who sat next to the driver instead. It was so hectic (aunties... you know the drill), and once I almost got out of the taxi they asked for a picture. I was like, OK, I'll take your pictures, but then I didn't get the chance to check and re-check the car, so.....

(4) I accidentally left my phone inside the taxi. God, I was so furious I wanted to cry. Usually I am the one who had to organize everything there, but thankfully that time, it was not me who save the driver's number (since we thought that maybe we want to go back to the city with that taxi again). So we called the driver and thankfully, again, he saw my phone and would like to return it when he picks us up in the afternoon. I was so grateful for Pak Zainal the driver, because he's so nice. Or else I lost the phone forever :( He even drove us to a local market where you can eat durian like locals.

(5) The day before we went home, the electronic door lock of my room was broken. We thought it was the card, but no, it was the door lock. So I could not get into my room up until 2am in the morning, because they had to freaking drill the machine and the door. They gave us a new room to wait, but what the hell! I haven't packed at all and I had to go to the airport the next day. It was so frustrating!!

Although this holiday was filled with so many crazy stuff, I am still very happy that I got the chance to have a short holiday with my mom. My most favourite things are: going to Genting because the weather was SUPER NICE, we shopped a lot! And also, finding out that KL has Gindaco!!! I'll end this post with a beautiful picture of Gindaco's Takoyaki. Can't wait to have another holiday with my family, but in winter please.