It's Sushi Time!

I had my 27th birthday last week and as always, I asked my cousins and my brother to join me for a birthday lunch. So today I had a sushi date with my brother and two of my cousins. We went to the newly opened Sushi Hiro at Senopati.

I have been passing this restaurant many times since it opened two or three months ago, I think. The outlet at Senopati seems very spacious from the outside and it is definitely really pretty, especially at night. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows become the front wall of this outlet, making it easy for people inside the cars on the street to see the inside of the restaurant. At night, the lamps on the ceiling lit up brightly, making the handcrafted flower decorations even prettier.

I really like Sushi Hiro's classic and homey Japan ambience -- first, you'll be greeted with a long minimalist walkway. Then, the interior inside the restaurant is very clean. The wooden interior is completed beautifully with those white paper flower ornaments that are hanging on the ceiling. Also loving the natural light that flooded the restaurant through those tall glass windows.

They have a wide range of dishes. From sushi, to sashimi, donburi, chirashi, even Japanese pasta.  We only ordered the sushi though. When you order, the sushi will be served on their signature wooden stack. And what I like about Sushi Hiro (and Nama Sushi at Kota Kasablanka) is that their sushi is amazing and very affordable. They are fresh and tasty, not to mention the size of the nigiri sushi. Your rice will be topped with a generously thick and long fish toppings. Again, it's very yummy and amazing! If you don't really like sushi, you can also try their delicious Popcorn Shrimp Mayo and their Tamago. So good.

Only thing you should remember if you want to go to Sushi Hiro is that this place is always packed (esp on peak hours). I decided to go there on Sunday at 11am, because I thought it's not going to be crowded since it's only the opening hour. However, when I arrived at 10:40am, there was already a long queue line outside the restaurant. It's crazy. But you definitely have to come there and try their sushi! Worth the wait, really.

Anyways, I got birthday gifts from my cousin, Sisi! She just got back from Sydney and because she knows I got stacks and stacks of rings, she bought me a gold cat on a plate decoration that is so useful. It can store my rings. I can put them on the plate or on the cat's tail. So cute. She also got me a luxury soap and a cat eye sunglasses (pictured under). So happy I got to meet my cousins today, celebrated my birthday with them and went home with a full tummy.