A Surprise Gift

It was a fine Wednesday morning, I remember it's on August 8th that this super cute grey cat with black stripes just casually walked into our house and play at our yard. Did not know where she came from, but she ran to me when I called her, and I feel attached to her so instantly.

I used to have 18 cats, but because of my allergy, I had to give them all to my friends and family. However, when I saw this grey cat, I couldn't help but decided to adopt her, despite my severe allergy. I named her Qweeny.

I asked around my neighbourhood, because I thought maybe Qweeny ran away from her owner's house. It turned out that her former owner threw her away because she got pregnant at a very young age (she's 1 year old now). I was so sad when I knew she was thrown away, I mean, a cat THIS cute. I immediately thought that that's the time for me to do good.

After five days, Qweeny's appetite increases and she slept a lot. Like, A LOT -- around 15 hours a day. Her stomach got bigger and bigger. I was pretty scared and actually felt terrible, since she got pregnant in a very young age. But I tried my best to feed her, pet her, and tell her everyday that it will be okay.

Qweeny nursing her kittens and plays with them

On September 25th, right three days before my birthday, she finally gave birth to her kittens. She was so anxious in the morning, biting every object she found and kept on searching for dark places, so I put her inside the cage. I've already put a box with towels inside it to keep her safe during delivery. And my guess was right! Around 3:00 pm, she gave birth to her first kitten.

Honestly, I felt so scared, I was afraid her life would be in danger, because she was a bit confused at first. But thankfully the labor went so well, every 10 to 15 minutes another kitten came out, until there was five. She chewed all of the umbilical cords, she ate the placentas, and licked them clean. All those five cute little bundles of joy. And for me, this is a surprise gift from God. Qweeny and her kittens just bring joy to my recently very dull life.

The kittens started to open their eyes.

I am so proud of Qweeny, because she has been a very fantastic mother (no wonder, because a typical mother cat is actually called a Queen, LOL). Everytime her kittens meowed, she ran and nurses and grooms them.

On October 3rd, the kittens started to open their eyes. All of them are sooo cute! I probably will take two out of all five, and give the other three to my friends, because they really want to adopt some cats. I promise I will take care of Qweeny and her kittens until they are old <3 I love them so much, I don't care about my nosebleed and my allergy!

Bonus: Photos of all five of them cute kitties!

Which one is your favourite?