Never a Dull Moment with These Three

I went to Bandung again last week for a short getaway, and to visit my boyfriend, with my brother and his girlfriend. Anyway, I have always thought of my brother as my bestfriend. I also have always thought of my boyfriend as my bestfriend. This also works with my brother's girlfriend. So you can imagine that it's never a dull moment with these three, really.

Bandung is actually a memorable city for us four. I met Gerry for the very first time in Bandung. My brother, Shodi and his girlfriend Pretty, had their very first date in Bandung before they became a couple. I went to Bandung back and forth, so many times that I lost count, just to have a nice short date with Gerry, while counting the days until we don't have to be separated by distance anymore. That's why it's super memorable for us. 

We went to Bandung this time to watch Deadpool 2. Yep, we went to another city just to watch a movie together. Since we didn't really know what to do while waiting for the midnight movie, we decided to visit Museum Geologi. It was fun, even though the museum is quite small. But I was really happy to find out there were still so many people visiting museums like this one. I think we need more museums to be built here in Jakarta and also other cities, since museums don't only provide wonderful learning experiences for kids, but for adults like us too! And also it's a fun place for a date.

Deadpool 2 was uhmazing! Literally couldn't stop laughing from start to finish. We spent our short quality time just talking, talking, and talking. Went to our favourite cafes to have brunch and lunch. Too bad we had to go back early the next day since I had a big family party in the afternoon. Byt All in all, it was a really, really fun short getaway. Everytime I go back home to Jakarta, I always remember the words Pidi Baiq said, "Dan Bandung bagiku bukan cuma masalah geografis, lebih jauh dari itu melibatkan perasaan, yang bersamaku ketika sunyi." Indeed, it's true.