Instagram Recap (4)

Oh hi friends, how are you doing? I feel quite washed out lately. I have been going here and there for days, and well my immune system is not that perfect so I kinda get sick easily, but that's okay. I have a lot of books to accompany me during my bed-rest, so nevertheless, I am happy! Anyway, I am going to post another Instagram recap today. Check them out!

(1) My friend Gerry, drew this cartoon-ish version of me a while ago. This is the 3rd time he drew me and I am going to get it framed eventually (prolly when I get the hard copy of this picture!) I've already printed a smaller version of this picture because I just can't help to stick it inside my Wreck This Journal. 

(2) This one, is a screen-shot picture I got from my friend's Snapchat. I was just looking through people's snapchats and a private message came from Dewa and it's this picture. It's literally a chili (Cabe is chili in English, this is my nick name since like 10 years ago) but it has my head attached on it and also my favourite fashion item, a sweater. I lol-ed, this is pretty funny! 

(3) Again, the 4th picture Gerry drew for me. I really like it a lot since it's quite colorful and he put that Totoro beanie on the top of my head. I am so stoked everytime people drew me! I have already got the hard copy of this picture and it's already standing inside the frame on my working table. By the way, Gerry is so incredibly talented -- if you don't believe me, you can visit his account here. You'll instantly see how he's actually a huge fan of Kiko Mizuhara, and just recently one of his works was being reposted by Kiko herself. It's amazing!

(4) These two are my best of friends. Funny thing about our friendship is that we often fight, oh we do fight a lot about small unimportant things. We also sometimes are too proud to tell that we miss each other. One time we had a huge fight and didn't talk to each other for weeks. But then I tried to start a conversation, asking them to accompany me spending a day at the mall, which then replied with short texts. However, when I arrived at the mall, they surprisingly came and just like that we're back to normal. Not all friends stand by you through joys and sorrows, but they've always been there for me, and I thank them for that. 

(5) I went to Bandung with Ocha and Pipit 2 weeks ago and this is a polaroid picture we took after we had dinner at TokoYou. I met an old friend of mine, Cakra, a new friend, Ijul, and the guy who drew me, Gerry. It was a one fine day and I am glad I spent it with them. 

(6) Went to IKEA to buy some stuff and to take notes and pictures of the stuff I will buy for my future house :p

(7) I am such a sucker for good shoes and I can't help myself to buy them everytime I see one. This is actually a really bad habit, but sometimes you just need to invest on some good shoes, just because. You probably will need it in the near future, cos you'll never know what event or occasion you'll need to attend, right! So investing on some good shoes is -- ugh -- a must :p 

(8) Jakarta's pinkish sky 

(9) Drew hashtags on my nails!