Mew Solo Concert and Everything in Between

It's just the end of March, but I felt super anxious, content, nervous, I could not sleep. The reason why was because Mew is going to have their show again in Indonesia. At this point, it's no longer a secret that I am an obsessed Mew fan -- or as we call it, a Frenger. The thought of seeing them live for the fourth time, and in addition to that, the show is a solo concert made me stay awake for hours.

I honestly can not explain how wondrous the show was last Tuesday (March 31st, 2015). The excitement of waiting for their new album for five and a half years, of welcoming Johan back to the group, of experiencing their first solo concert was just overwhelming -- in a good way. I was speechless, but I will try my best to share the whole story to you. 
Before the show started, I told myself that this time I wanted to stand in the front row again, just like 5 years ago when Mew performed in Surabaya -- and I succeeded! My friends and I stood right next to the barricade and in front of where Jonas' microphone stand. We didn't have to wait long for Mew to come out to the stage, I felt so happy to see them again right before my eyes. 

My heart beat so fast, especially when Bo told us that they are going to open the show with an old song, and there they started with Coffee Break. I have never heard of this calming song live, so it was very surprising. Three times I watched Mew live, I always shed a tear, but I guess this time because of the excitement and everything, my tears did not come out. However, there's this one point in my heart that felt like being stabbed right after Jonas sang, "close the door when they come in" and I fell silent and stunned. All I could think about was, "God finally I can see them again."

After the calming Coffee Break, Mew performed their new singles from +-, Satellites and My Complications. Everyone screamed hysterically and started to jump and dance to the song. I have listened to their new singles, literally more than hundred times so I remember the lyrics by heart. It's such a magnificent song and in addition to that, Mew's stage concept this time is full of lighting that (as some reliable sources said) they brought directly from Germany. It pumped up our adrenaline -- it's beautiful. Then, as always, Mew brought songs from Frengers, And The Glass Handed Kites, and No More Stories era. People could not stop screaming and wow-ing, because the setlist that night was quite rare in way it's also very appropriate for a solo concert that we've been waiting for years.

Another thing that was completely different from the previous shows in Indonesia, aside from the lighting I told you before, was when Bo told us this, "So anyways, I met this guy at the airport and all he wanted was if we could play She Came Home for Christmas. So we said, what the hell let’s do it, so here it is”. It's one of the highly anticipated songs to be heard live and it has such deep meaning, almost all of my friends started crying once the song started. The lights suddenly turned to a very-very-very-very bright red and orange, and I felt like everyone dissapeared and I was the only girl who stood there listening to them. I felt like Jonas was screaming right before my ears when he sang, "come homeee, come homeee" -- you might say I am crazy but that's exactly what I felt listening to that beautiful old song. It was very serene.

Really, if I could explain how wondrous the lighting was, I would, but I can't. Words can't explain my admiration of the lighting for the concert. I was totally blinded by all the pink and blue and white and red lights, all I could see was the silhouette of the guys and all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy the beautiful voice of Jonas, a crazy guitar and bass shredding from Johan and Bo, a tense drum beating done by Silas, and the voice of the whole audience who sang along together to all the songs throughout the concert. The gimmicks done by Jonas, Bo, and Johan -- like when they jumped down from the stage and greeted us closely, or when Bo and Jonas lay on the stage during Comforting Sounds -- were also very surprising for us, considering they have never done this before. In short, it's another life-changing experience for me.

And yes, I met them again in person for the third time in my life! On Tuesday morning me and three of my friends decided to just go to the airport and wait for any plane that comes from Singapore. We waited for hours -- super sleepy and tired, but I loved every minute of it. After around 5 hours of waiting, we saw Mew coming out from the immigration area, they all waved and said hi, but Bo came to our waiting spot and said, "Hi, how are you guys??? I'm really sorry, but I have to go with the other guys (the promoter), I'll see y'all later, alrite?" At first I was so sad, because I really wanted to talk to them again and take more pictures, but what could we do? Having Bo walked to us and said that, has already made me the happiest girl on earth. But, when we followed them outside, it turned out that they still have to wait for their van to come, so we had more time to chat!

Another achievement: I could finally speak to them without stuttering (I can't believe it myself!). I took selfies with Jonas, Bo, and Silas -- Johan went straight into the van. As always, Bo's very friendly, Silas was shy but we talked a bit. Then I mustered up my courage to talk to Jonas. Instead of asking "how are you?" just like 5 years and a year ago, I said, "Jonas! I really really like your pants!" and he answered, "Thanks! And look here *while opening up his parka, showing something on the back of his pants* there's a picture of an octopus on my pants!" I was super thrilled!!!!! We then talked about the upcoming show and how we've been waiting for a solo concert in years.

I didn't spend a lot of time with them because they had a very tight schedule for interviews and soundcheck so we had to say goodbye. They all said, "see you guys tonight and enjoy the show" -- need I say more? They are the friendliest band members I have ever met in my life. Now I am going back to the speechless mode and I will continue my post-concert-depression until the new album +- comes out in April 27th. All I wanna say is thanks Mew for your existence and for coming back to Indonesia!