Instagram Recap (3)

This week has been one hell of a ride for me and it's only Wednesday! It's all because of Mew -- they just gave us the chance to stream the new album '+-' just a week before the release date. I felt super muzzy because I don't want to listen to the songs, not until April 27th.
However, everyone on Twitter and Path were all rambling about the super glorious new tracks and I read all of them and I kept on telling myself, "No, you can wait, just one more week and all those 6 years of waiting will be over". Unfortunately, I am not that strong, because I literally have this deep unexplainable longing that should be treated as soon as possible, and the cure is only to listen to the album. So I did it, I streamed the whole album via Deezer and GOD PLEASE HELP ME.

Mew have never failed to amaze me. The 10 tracks inside the album progress like waves. I can't tell much and I won't say much since I have only listened to it once, but '+-' is just the perfect title for the album. The songs, the sound, the album cover shows you how happy everything is -- the tracks can literally lighten up the mood, they make you smile, they make you want to get out off of your bed and do some work. However, when I listen closely to the lyrics, I feel gloomy. Mew have always written strange lyrics that are so hard to decipher, but this time, they just make me feel desolate. I don't really know why. I need to listen to the album again, but I will wait until it's April 27th. I have to. So anyway, enough about Mew, this is my Instagram Recap for this month -- turns out there is a satisfaction in persevering ;)

(1) Finally I got time to create some nail art again! I really miss the "All Eyes Are On Me" nails so I made this. I just recently bought the new jet black Revlon nail polish and it dries faster than the older types. Will probably invest some more! You should try them too~ (2) Spending the weekend with these guys. They are a true blessing. I have known them since high school and my love for them only grows bigger and bigger each day. That Saturday we went to SCBD to eat huge pizzas, had cups of coffee and plates of waffle at Woodpecker, continued to have a 3hours karaoke session, and ended the day with eating seafood at Santa. (3) I loveeee this abstract nail art. I really want to write a tutorial or record a video on how to make this colorful nails for my website.Will do it soon!

(4) I started making collage again. It's all because of my Wrecking The Journal book. It keeps me busy when I don't have assigments and works to do from my boss. (5) A friend of mine, Gerry, drew this very lovely picture and I realllly like it. I love the colour and how the turquoise cardigan matched beautifully with the striped top -- it's perfect. People who have such talent sometimes make me feel so inadequate, but at the same time they also encourage me to unlock my natural talent. Because everyone has it, right? I guess we should seek out something we can be the best at and then achieve our goals and make a great impact out of it. (6) Another collage I made for my Wreck The Journal book. I took the Korea Fashion Week pics and then picked some patterned picture to create new outfits and looks for them.

(7) Just a random photo my cousin took while we wait for our Uber (8) I live in tropical area but why do I love sweater and knitwear sooo much? I just bought another sweater dress! Loving the cute front slit! (9) People often say I dress like a gloomy person, but who cares? My wardrobe is filled with all black and grey fashion pieces because I love both of them. This picture really represents my love for those colors. My baggy pants and nail polish are grey; my cozy sweater and sunglasses are jet black. I am simply obsessed.