Rethink Pink

Girls, do you remember when you were still a little kid and everytime a person asked what your favourite color was, and your answer would always be: pink? Or like how parents somehow dress their daughters in pink and their sons in blue? My parents sometimes did that and I guess that's why pink used to be my favourite color until I reached high school, because since then my favourite colors changed to beige, grey, and black.

If you happen to follow my Instagram account, you'll probably have already knew it that nowadays I always wear black. However, sometimes when I look at my clothing rack, this thought keeps on popping in my head, "I guess I should try buying colorful outfit once or twice, so that I don't look gloomy all the time". That's probably one of my only 5 new year resolutions in 2015 -- to buy colorful outfit, and then I said, why not rethink pink?

I have already bought some nice pink sweaters and crop tops to go with my denim jeans or gingham pants, but I still don't have pink dresses. I am actually the type of girl who's super into LBD, because it's a classic and they are also very versatile, obviously, but I need to change this habit once for a while. I need a substitute for all of my little black dresses. And anyways my friends are all getting married and whatsoever, so I guess it never hurts to invest on some new colorful dresses.

I spent some time browsing through all those online fashion stores, but one that caught my eye the most is this pink dresses page on Zalora which has various type of pink dresses in different styles and shades. This is absolutely what I need. I opened all of the pages and finally picked these 3 cute and flirty dresses:

(1) Floral Fluted Hem Dress -- I have never imagined myself wearing a fluted hem dress, but this floral print fluted hem dress is the bomb. I can totally dress this up with heels or also dress it down with a pair of ankle boots, and probably cover the top with a long knit sweater for a lazy weekend, because why not!

(2) Velvet Rose Chiffon Dress -- This is my option for a garden wedding party. It's made of chiffon which is soft and comfortable. The floral prints are so pretty. I am thinking of wearing this with a mini shoulder bag and a pair of platform heels.

(3) Printed Pleated Swing Dress -- I love the simple silhouette of this dress and it can always be a statement when you enter the party with all those beautiful pink flowers printed on that dress. The simple cuts make it even more elegant. This is the perfect dress to wear when I want an effortless glamorous look.

I just realized that all of the three dresses I picked are all floral printed! Hahahaha, I've never been a fan of floral, but again, I want to try new things! I can't wait to get my hands on these cute dresses. So friends, don't be surprised if the next time you see me I'll be wearing a pink dress. Just congratulate me for achieving one of my 2015 resolutions ;-) and if you want to buy some cute pink dresses, try Zalora!