Instagram Recap (2)

I think I will do this regularly -- posting some of my favourite pictures I uploaded on Instagram and tell a story behind it. A blogpost is better with pictures included in it anyways, right?

(1) Some of my Mew possession. Some people state that ATGHK cover is their least favourite, but not for me. I love the dark feeling that attached to it which also represents the darkness of all songs inside this album. My CDs and DVDs were signed two years ago -- one of the best days of my life. I even printed the scanned cover and make it as my iPhone's case, because I love them so much (2) This type of photo was taken for my fashion website. It's to show what I'm wearing daily. Here I am wearing a flatform sandals I bought in HongKong and combined them with a pair of white cropped pants, knitwear, and a tiny crossbody bag (3) Spent the whole day with my bestfriend, Ocha. Took pictures with the self-timer on my phone, until the security scolded us for no apparent reason.

(4) Casper is one year old already! However, I still don't really know if Casper is a he or a she. Casper has "balls" sorry hahaha, but Casper always acts like a girl. So from now on I am not going to write a he or she, I will always write it as Casper, until I know for sure what Casper's gender is (5) I tried the DIY leopard nails and I succeed. Mixing it with a pair of platform blucher, gingham pants and that fluffy faux fur sweater (6) I've got my Alexander Wang x H&M Scuba Top! It's quite big for an XS, but well it's a scuba top. I have to roll up the sleeves a little bit, but I think it still looks great. I love how it's cropped perfectly and I love the embossed W A N G letters.

(7) I brought Casper to the petshop for a bath. Casper loves siting inside the box looking at the sky and sometimes Casper stands by the window at look curiously at the road (8) It's the first Instagram picture I posted in 2015. It was January 1st, my brother's birthday. We took a set of levitating pictures a year ago, but this one is my favourite (9) Just an obligatory picture I took above the clouds. I miss going somewhere on holiday. Can't wait for February!