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I've already written the whole post earlier this morning and suddenly the electricity went off and I haven't even saved this post yet (I wonder why blogspot didn't do that automatic saving mode thing). So well, I guess this is a reminder to write more.

The first blog post I want to write this year is going to be about my #1 favourite band, Mew, who just recently gave me the best Monday I've had so far in 2015. Why? Let's start with this... Can you imagine waiting around five freaking years for your favourite band to release a new album? I've waited, and waited, and waited, but there is still no news until the end of last year. Can you imagine that? It's like I need to wait for the new seasons of my favourite TV series and I have to add 'this waiting for 5 years' thing to the list. It makes me furious.

Anyways, there's one great news though last year from Mew. No, it was actually super duper great. It happened on June 15th (Frengers, it's a code, 156, get it?! Haha) where they announced that Johan is back to work with Mew and I remember screaming like crazy in the morning telling my mom, brother, and my friends about this, but still after that there's no other news. However, there's been a lot of rumours flying around over the last few months, it is said that Mew will definitely release a new album in 2015. I've also seen them regularly posted pictures on Instagram, showing their working-on-new-album progress, so I guess there's a new hope! *crossing fingers*

And then, yesterday Mew sent us Frengers an email with a link that connects us to their new and redesigned site. And there it is, I've never been so happy on Monday mornings. They finally revealed the title and the release date of their upcoming album and it's so absurd, minimal, yet really loud, called "+ -" It's their first new studio album after 2009's "No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry They Washed Away. No More Stories The World Is Grey, I'm Tired Let's Wash Away", so yeah it's been five years. I am not exaggerating. That's the reason why they gave me the best Monday I've ever had so far in 2015.

credits: Mewsite

In 2014, Mew toured around Europe and gave a lot of rare setlists and also a peek to their new songs -- which is why I envied some Frengers that got the chance to watch them again last year!! They played new songs like Waterslides, Russell (a song which featured Russell Lisack from Bloc Party), etc. Thankfully, some friendly Frengers uploaded the video they recorded at the concerts, so then I also got the chance to listen to the new songs. Some of them are still hard to understand, because of the not-so-clear sound, but Waterslides and Klassen totally gave me chills.

On their website, not only they announced the release date of "+ -" they also gave us a free listen to the first single of the album. It is called Satellites. And guys, Satellites is spot on! As I said before, when I watched the recorded videos of their tour last year, this catchy song was still called Klassen (this is a working title). I got stuck with the song I kept humming unconsciously to it days after days. I guess that's why when I listen to the edited version of Satellites for the first time yesterday, I was instantly hooked. Try to give it a listen, guys. I personally think it's a perfect mix of the weird tunes of "ATGHK & Frengers" and the happy-times of "No More Stories." It's like it's complete -- I feel whole.

What do you think? Do you like it? I love it. I absolutely 100% love it. Plus, looking at the album cover just makes me want to buy all of the formats -- the CD and of course the freaking limited edition Deluxe Hard-Back Double CD Book -- just because!!! And it will definitely be the perfect companion to my limited edition Eggs Are Funny CD and DVD. I have to wait until tomorrow to pre-order these treasure. I can hardly wait!

Oh and when April comes I am pretty sure I'll never listen to anything ever again other than the new album "+ -" Haha just kidding! But I will though, probably for some months, because that is what a depressed-waiting-for-5-years-Frenger will do. I am so curious about the song taken from Sensory Spaces too. Looking at the album cover and also the song Satellites, I am sure "+ -" is going to be a very fun and happy album to listen to.

I just bought the 6min version of Satellites on iTunes. This version is even more amazing. I don't know how to desribe it -- Splendid? Wondrous? My favourite part of this song comes in min 3:55 where you can hear lots and lots of weird instruments, and like the sound of water trickling and everything. I mean like something you can hear as a background music for a movie like The Little Mermaid. God I don't even know what I'm talking about. But one thing I know for sure this song will be played on repeat until April 27th. And I'm hoping to watch them live again this year, because y'all know one of my life goals is to watch them live FOR AT LEAST 10 times, and I've only done it three times (met them in person twice!).