Instagram Recap (1)

Before I start this post, I want to say that I actually feel so ashamed that everytime I post a blog here, I always start with, "sorry that I haven't written here for so long!" -- well, that's sad, but whatever! There's been a lot going on these past months. A lot of new coffee shops opened at the most strategic places, I finally colored my hair (after all these years!), my cat Casper is going to be one year old this month, etc. I will just recap the moments that happened to be captured by my camera phone today. Besides, reading a blog post is even better when it's filled with pictures, right? So here we go.

(1) Bought a new pair of girly wedges after buying platforms and sneakers, which scream more tough than feminine. I need to look a little more girly. I love the denim color that can be the perfect addition to my jeans. (2) Don't you think this all-white fitting room is one of the best places to take monochromatic pictures? Can you guess where it's at? I wore a pair jeans that I won from GAP's Denim Customization Event, love it! (3) My Halloween-ish nail art with a touch of pink! 

(4) Finally we all got the time to meet up and had coffee together, my best friends are  obviously the best! Talked a lot about the old times, like when we used to buy pens that are filled with all those weird fragrances, do you remember? (5) Went to Trafique Coffee at Jl. Hang Tuah, the place was great and perfect for taking pictures. The coffee was quite good too! (6) I was being interviewed about My Styling Ideas by my friend for his website. Act cool, ugh. My friends LOL-ed when they see the picture.

(7) Watching MEW's live performance, as you might know, is on top of my best-thing-that-has-ever-happened-to-me-list. However, two weeks ago I got the chance to watch The Jacksons live. Yes, The Jacksons. It was super amazing, I finally created two slots for the number one best thing that has ever happened to me list. I cried my eyes out and danced til I could not feel my legs, while they sang all those classics. Until now, I still can't believe I've watched them live. Life changing experience for sure. (8) I went to the former Governor of East Java, Eyang Soelarso's 1000 hari Yaasinan. The Yaasin book is so beautiful. Illustration was made by my childhood friend, Fia, whom is Eyang Larso's grand daughter.Can't help it I had to take a picture of it. (9) See, I colored my hair! But that looks too "red" in the picture, it's actually light brown. Spent hours gossiping over stupid stuff with my bff, Skinnymarie. See ya later, friends!