One Week Holiday in Hong Kong

The holiday season finally comes. The season we love that runs from late November to early January. Of course we all use the holidays as an excuse to take time off and relax, so I took the opportunity to go on a short holiday trip again to Hong Kong. Everytime I went there, it was always special. I was super excited because finally I had the chance again to visit Hong Kong as well as enjoying the sweater weather.

I went with my family and my friends who have never been to HK, so I planned an itinerary that's filled with the list of must-see places and must-eat foods in Hong Kong. Even though I've already visited those places, I really did not mind to go again since all of them are beautiful and have a lot of memories. My must-see places list include the Avenue of Stars, Victoria Peak, Harbour, Symphony of Lights, SOHO, Central Mid Levels escalator, etc. I can't tell you what's insidemy must-eat food list because there are too many, just let me say everywhere you look at restaurants and food stalls, you wanna try them.

Hong Kong is also well known for its shopping. Apart from the restaurants that are scattered everywhere, there are a lot of shops too! So when people say, "in Hong Kong, just eat and shop all day long," you've got to believe them, because it's true. 

On the first day, we went to the Avenue of Star. The wind was really strong and the weather was quite cold. It was amazing to finally see Hong Kong again from across the small ocean. It was also amazing to feel the cold breeze after I almost fainted three months ago when it was still summer in Hong Kong. We walked all the way to the harbour and then went straight to Tung Chung to shop for gifts to give to our loved ones back at home. (You can check out the where-to-shop in Hong Kong list here). 

It was Saturday when we arrived there, so I planned to have a Saturday night watching the Symphony of Lights with my friend. The deck where we can sit to watch the beautiful dancing lights was full of people but thank God we got a place to sit. I planned to go to Victoria Peak on the second day but we realized it was Sunday and we were afraid the tram would be filled with a lot of tourists, so I decided to go there on Monday. We changed plan and we went to Causeway Bay. I showed my friends my dad's old apartment, we went shopping at Forever 21, had a lot of fun at IKEA, and just strolled around the area taking pictures to add more memories. 

We continued Langham Place at Mongkok, a huge shopping hot spot in Hong Kong where you can find shops which tend towards youth fashion. There is also a 83m escelator that can bring you upstairs and downstairs which is quite terrifying for me. It was raining that time so I could not show them the Ladies Market, however I told my friends that the stuff people sell at Ladies Market are basically the same with the stuff we can find at other gift shops. So no worries!!

Then on the third day we went to Central. Went there by ferry because hey, when you go to Hong Kong, you've got to try riding the ferry! It's cheap and you can enjoy the view of Hong Kong / Kowloon from the ship. So, in Central, my friends really wanted to see SOHO and the Mid Level escalator, which is the longest travelator in the world. We saw a lot of foreigners there in SOHO hanging out at a lot of cozy bars and restaurants. We also saw the bar that was used by Running Man members for one of their challenges in Hong Kong.

We rode the Mid Level escalator until there's nothing left to see but apartments. So we decided to go to Victoria Peak. We actually wanted to take pictures on the top of the peak around 6pm, when it was not too dark and was not too bright either. However it was only around 3pm when we decided to go to the peak, so we hung out at the coffee shop at the peak and took beautiful pictures.

When the sun began to set, we went upstairs to the deck. No wonder it is the most popular attraction in Hong Kong because the view was just mesmerizing. I know it was a really memorable experience for my friends, because that's what I felt when I first went up there years ago. The view was still spectacular. The tingling feeling when you went up to the highest mountain on the island by tram that's attached to a very steep rails was still the same. In one word, beautiful.

On the last four days, we visited other places on the list and we shopped. Went to see flamingos at Kowloon park, ate wonton noodles, dimsum, the famous flava roast at KFC, ebi burgers, other chinese food, and lovely mango desserts we could not get enough of.

We really enjoyed our one week trip to Hong Kong. The weather was really nice. The temperature dropped gradually from 22 to 12 degree celcius, where we had to layer a lot for our outfit. So if you hate summer, then go to Hong Kong now! If you like to wear fall / winter outfit, you should go there around November - February when the shops offer you all the winter-wear, they even offer a lot of discounts for you. Really, it's heaven for y'all who love to shop.

But anyways, the thing that I got from my latest holiday trip is that I've never realized how amazing it feels to see other people get excited when it's the first time for them to try or look at something. So I can't wait for another holiday, to new places, new countries, new cities, where I could get excited to see everything for the very first time.