Three times the charm -- I met MEW, again.

"They're just as lonely, and we all make mistakes once in a while..
The weather is like you, Three times the charm, Like a dog it's breathing.."

It was October 25th, 2013 -- I kept on repeating the lyric to Mew's Hawaii. That time, I knew that they are going to arrive in Jakarta one day before the show,  which was on Friday. But before I start the story, I want to fly back to three years ago, let me repeat it.

Yes, I have met MEW in person once three years ago, in a Sundanese restaurant. I remember wearing Eggs Are Funny masks with a few of my fellow Indonesian Frengers and just like that we went inside the very empty restaurant felling really anxious and nervous. There was no one on the first floor. We then made a decision to meet the restaurant's manager and just casually asked for the price of the VIP room (sorry but we kind of lied to them, we told them that we wanted to hold a birthday party and if we could see the VIP rooms -- that's the spirit y'all!), and fortunately the manager agreed to give us a tour of their restaurants. It was only me and two of my friends, because the other Indonesian Frengers were waiting outside.

We went up to the second floor, the manager kept blabbing about the rules and the price of the rooms, but I could not help but looking and searching for MEW, and right when I searched for them, there was someone walking slowly toward us, and when I looked up, my heart went numb. It was Jonas Bjerre. I could not believe what I've seen, it was unimaginable, especially when he smiled to us. I guess he already knew who are because we kind of wore those MEW t-shirts and everything, so we went back downstairs and ordered drinks. A few minutes after that, a few people starting to go down to the first floor and there we saw MEW. At the same time they also saw our masks, and I remember clearly when Silas laughed and pointed his fingers toward us. So we greeted them, we took pictures together, but that was all. I was really happy, but that was it. We watched the show the next day (for the second time)  and felt like it's the best day of our lives, so far.

Now back again to the story I wanted to tell you in the first place. It's been three years, more or less, since the second time I saw MEW in Surabaya, but there's another news telling us that MEW are going to be back here again. I felt so happy and hyped about it, well I guess I really, really wanted to meet them again in person this time. I wanted to have a chat with them and took pictures one by one. I wanted all my CDs and DVDs to be signed. Fortunately, my fellow Frenger, Dita, asked me to accompany her to go to the hotel where MEW stayed in Jakarta. Without thinking, I said yes. It was actually a gamble because we did not know if we could meet them or not, but my legs were so shaky, I thought, maybe I could meet them again. 

So I kept on listening to HawaiiThe lyric in Hawaii contain an old expression that said, "three times the charm", which actually means the third time you do something you'll do it right. It's going to be my third time watching them live, I guess it never hurts to try.

The day came, I nervously went to the hotel with two of my friends. Saw some people from medias, television, and radio going inside the press conference room. We followed them, filled the guest list and we went in. The atmosphere was so nerve-wracking. I felt like both not ready but wanted to meet them too, really bad. The time felt like flying sooo slow but eventually they came out to the small stage, sat casually and just smiled all-the-freaking-time. 

They answered questions from us one by one, in a really funny way. In addition to that, Jonas, Bo, and Silas realized we were there, they waved their hands to us, and it was simply the best feeling ever. Since I want that day to be remembered for the rest of my life, I also want to share it here. When Jonas and Bo walked out from the press conference room, we greeted them, and Bo gave us a really cool hi-five and surprisingly, Jonas hugged me and my friend. We literally hugged. What I did after that was just crying my eyes out of pure happiness.

Jonas then promised us to sign everything and take pictures after they finish the interview, but unfortunately they did not have much time, they need to rest so they went back to their rooms.

We then waited for hours at the lobby. We called it gambling. We did not even know if they are going to go out again or not. Me and two of my fellow Indonesian Frengers just waited, and waited...

It was around 9:30PM when I saw Jonas came out from the elevator alone and walked towards the hotel's restaurant. We really did not know what to do. We tried to call him but he's so angelic that he made our voice would not come out. We decided to give him time to eat alone but then when he almost finished his meal, we entered the restaurant. We called his name and the friendly Jonas Bjerre greeted us with his nice smile and asked us if we want him to sign our stuff inside the restaurant or at the lobby. But then he said, "why don't we go to the lobby? I think everyone's already there so we all can sign it for you", and just like that we, I said we (me, two of my friends, and Jonas Bjerre) casually walked to the lobby. 

I was so nervous, I could only ask some really awkward stuff like, "how are you?" and "do you enjoy your stay here? Are you still tired?", I mean, cmon!! But I don't care as long as we can walk with him to the lobby.

Silas, Bo, Bastian and Dr Nick have already hung out at the lobby and they greeted us. Even I was really surprised to see the usually-non-talkative-Silas came to my friend and asked stuff like, "have you ever been to the venue? What do you think of the venue?" and he also tole me that he remembered the day when Indonesian Frengers visited them at the restaurant, he could not believe it has been three years.

Bo was in a really good mood, he wore really short shorts and keep on laughing all the time. He told me that I have a really nice name and asked me if I were a Japanese. Jonas also said I have a nice name. He asked me if I have ever watched them live before and how he really wants us to enjoy the next show. I took pictures with them again. All of my CDs and DVD are signed -- and doodled. After that they had to leave for sound check at the venue.

I could not sleep that night when I got home. I guess, third time really is the charm.

As always, their show was spectacular and staggeringly beautiful. They opened the show with a new song called Making Friends which we have listened before through their amazing Sensory Spaces app. The set was unpredictable -- songs like New Terrain, Medley containing Koor and Seething Rain Weeps for You, Eight Flew Over One Was Destroyed, She Spider, Apocalypso, etc -- and the fans spent the whole night singing along to the lyrics. 

Mew closed the night with Comforting Sounds. Indonesian Frengers started to blow soap bubbles to show how gloomy, how happy, how amazing it was to see them again after all these years. The atmosphere was just dramatically beautiful throughout the song. The show really was flawless and unforgettable.

Until now, it's still hard for me to believe that I have already met them in person twice and watched their beautiful performance three times. Now let me tell you, nothing is impossible, right?