I Hugged Claire Boucher aka GRIMES

Almost two weeks ago, I had another "dream-comes-true" moment. It started when all of the news about Claire Boucher aka Grimes coming to town. I was so stoked. It's like, I spent some of my free times watching her live performances and her interviews on YouTube, and thought about if only I could see her live performance I would be really happy. But then it happened, in addition to that, it was her birthday at midnight after her performance.

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She kept on tweeting about the "meet & greet after the show" thing on her Twitter. She said that there will be a 30 mins meet & greet after every show in Asia. This made me hope a lot, I really want to meet her in person and just tell her that I love her and that she is really pretty and stuff. I also wanted to wish her a happy birthday in person.

So, I decided to make her a handmade birthday card. What I had in mind that time was, "I will try as hard as I could, but if I couldn't meet her in person I'll just give the birthday card to my friends who work with the promoter." Just around 8 hours before her concert I drew her a birthday card containing a picture of her with blue-green-ish hair, and the character she likes the most from Ghibli, I drew Totoro, on the top of her head screaming "HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!", then I put it in my bag in the hope of meeting her later that night.

The show started on time. I entered the venue with all of my friends, and stood near the front row. Claire came out with a huge red ribbon worn on her head, a black t-shirt, a black legging and a monster-drawn shorts over it. I was blown away by her beauty, and when she speaks, it just feels surreal. Like she's from other planet in this universe. Like I havent heard of a voice that cute before.
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Like the older setlists from her tour in Asia, she opened the show with Symphonia IX and finally all of the thoughts about seeing her live performance popped up to my mind. She sounds so beautiful. Period. She is also really - really nice. Somehow she stopped the music and said, "it's gonna be my birthday at midnight" with her cute voice and I was like, "I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER". She continued with Vanessa, Oblivion, Circumambient (GOD I LOVE IT). I think she only brought like 8 or 9 songs and ended the show with Genesis and, my number 2 favourite, Phone Sex. I kept screaming, "please daddy take me home" and my boyfriend said "she's so cute she sounds like she sings twinkle twinkle little star". I need more.

After the show ended, me and my friends got out from the venue to find out that the queue line for her meet & greet has reached like about xx meters and I was like, ok forget it, lets find my friends who work here so I can give the card to him / her so they can give it to Claire later. However, when I reached the first row of the line (before the security put an etractable queue guides) to search for my friends, two securities pushed me and my friends to get into the line and turned out I was standing in the 6th row of the queue line. Accidentally. A happy accident. But still, they only give us 30 mins for the meet & greet and all I did while standing crammed between people was only pray so that I could meet Claire.

Finally, I did get the chance to meet her. I went inside the venue with Kak Saski and Sabila, met Claire's brother (Mac) at first, and he told us that we could take pictures only with one camera, and we could have a short chit chat with her. I was shaking when I met her. She's so pretty (I said this many times) and like "HIIII THANKS FOR COMING TO THE SHOW, LETS DO A GROUP HUG" and she hugged us and I couldnt speak I stuttered, even when I wanted to say, "you're doing really great on the stage" what came out from my lips was, "Y... y.... you... you're great!", but I dont care as long as I could hug her and gave her my handmade birthday card. I was so happy when Claire said, "did you make this? God this is impressive you drew Totoro! Thankyou so much" and we took pictures and we said happy birthday to her and then it's finished. Just in like 3 minutes.

That time, I finally realized again that if you want something THAT much, you will have it, sooner or later. Like when I met Mew back in 2010. There were some signs and you just knew it when it came to you. Now I can tell the world that I've hugged CLAIRE BOUCHER. Envy me :p

PS: Do you remember when I told you I worked as a fashion stytlist for the movie "Bangun Lagi Dong, Lupus"? The trailer is here and the movie will be released on April 4th, 2013. Don't forget to watch it!