Monday, February 4, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Love Garage 2013

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"Run, run, run away.. Lost, lost, lost my mind.. Want you to stay, want you to be my prize.."

The first song that's brought last night at Love Garage 2013 by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O came out to the stage with her Christian Joy-ish costume (zebra top, bright red jacket with fringe + bright red pants, cool sunglasses and a cross under her eyes), a really wide grin and she screamed, "Jakarta! Indonesiaaa!". Everyone went hysterical and started to sing along to Runaway, then followed by Rich, where everyone went crazy with the (rich rich rich rich rich rich rich) line. It was also a surprise when YYYs brought Art Star which is you know, kinda rarely played at their concerts. So we were so lucky that we got the chance to listen to the song live! 
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Anyways, the weather was really hot that night (thanks to the rain stoppers), so when the sixth song, Man, which is my favourite song started to play, it felt like we really are gonna burn in hell, but still I could not stop shouting to "we got the fever to tell!!". Karen O could not stop grinning, sometimes in the middle of the song, she looked at Brian or Nick and started smiling like she wanted to say, 'wow', at least I felt that way. I think they were just as excited as we were.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs also brought some new songs, like Earth and Subway, I havent really listened to those two songs yet but I love Mosquito/Suck Young -- Your Blood. Listened to it a few times on Youtube, so that I could singalong to the reff that night, and of course I can not wait for their new album.

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They were so interactive. The thing that I really remember was when Karen O said, "we love you very much" and the walked to Nick, "especially Mr Nick Zinner" and (what I've been waiting for!) she showed us the stickers on his guitar and said, "that says, I love Indonesia right there". Everyone went nuts, it gave me goosebump. I knew that Nick loves Indonesia so much, I knew he has those stickers glued on his guitar, he sometimes even tweets with bahasa Indonesia, and with Karen O showing it to us, god it just gave me chills.

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I personally think the setlist at Dimensions Love Garage was soooo fever to tell-ish so that makes me a happy girl. I mean, how long have we waited for them? Years! And it's a long time but the concert was really worth the wait. I finally got the chance to see the beautiful energetic Karen O screams, jumps, and spins with her arms flapping a bit and everything.

Even though they did not bring Phenomena, or Tick, or Pin, but I still love the concert. And yes, I stood this close to them I could even see Brian clearly. It was such a good experience to see them live. They gave us two songs for the encore, of course, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' love song, Maps -- and then followed by Date With The Night. They also threw us confetti and two huge eyeball-shaped-balloons that being bounced here and there while people jumped around and singalong to every song.

Even though Karen O did not give us a lot of her 'moan', but in Zero she totally sounded like she's having an orgasm, it was sooooo cool. I will always remember how she moans and shrieks and put the microphone inside her mouth and screams her way to Y Control and everything, I am just so happy. So, the only sentence I shouted at the end of the concert before they all went back to bcakstage was, "THEY DONT LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU".

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