Fashion Stylist for a Movie? Yes!

I've been embracing my job as a fashion stylist and/or fashion assistant this past year. Working in the fashion industry is such a fun and amazing experience. I've got to meet gorgeous models, great photographers, and this is the reason I like the most, shopping for the outfits! After I experinced working in a magazine, helping friends with fashion photoshoots, I finally tried to work as a fashion stylist for a movie. I felt a bit weird actually because, to be honest with you all, I seldom watch Indonesian movies. The only Indonesian movie I love probably is the one that's called, "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" and yet I approved to be one of the wardrobe team for this new upcoming movie called, "Bangun Lagi Dong, Lupus!". (I am abbreviating the title of the movie to BLDL in this post!)

A few years ago, as you may all know, this movie has aired several times in cinemas and as a tv series.  Many said the movie was quite popular among teenagers. Again, I also never watched Lupus. I think I once had the book (because sometimes I prefer reading than watching films), but I've already forgot all of the stories. Ok, so about 3 months ago around October 2012, one of my fellow fashion stylists asked me to join her work as the wardrobe team for BLDL. She said that the pre-production process (to buy outfits for all of the actors and actresses + fitting) will take about two weeks, followed by a 20 days shooting, and after that our work is complete. I have never ever imagined myself work in the film industry. I know myself, I easily get sick, I can't get too tired or mom will shout, "bedrest!" but I have this profound curiosity about what's inside the film industry so I accepted the job.

There're three person in my team including me. The film crew told me that it's so rare that a wardrobe team has only three person and all of them are fashionable (this makes me happy though!). I spent two months and so with all of BLDL crews. It was really tiring but fun at the same time. Tiring because almost everyday I started working at 6am and finished shooting around 1 or 2am, sometimes until 4am and gotta go back to the set early in the morning. But fun, because I met a lot of new friends, I met well-know actors and actresses even though I don't know some of them but turns out they're well-known and whatever, so yeah. 

The best thing about this job is that I learned a lot. I learned from the director, the director of photography, the make up artists, everyone. I even learned how to simulate a day / night scenes! It's amazing. The best lesson I learned from this job is that I realized I've never cared if there's an error in actors and actresses' clothes in movies but we actually have to go back and forth everytime before the director shouts, "ACTION!" to fix and tidy up clothes, notice every little crinkle on the clothes to make them look the same as in the previous scene. I need to age all tops so that they look worn, etc etc. It is not easy to be a fashion stylist for a movie, not as easy as to be a fashion stylist for magazines or fashion photoshoots, but I got lots of experience I never imagined I could have before.

And now, I really appreciate the work of film-makers because it isn't THAT easy to make a movie, I tell ya. I can not wait to watch the movie! BLDL will be released on February 14th, 2013 (I know right, so romantic-ish, not! But this is a comedy movie, so dont worry!). I will be so happy if you guys watch the movie next month!  Will definitely put the trailer here when it's out. See you again!