It was the 4th of July, known as the Independence Day of the USA, but this year's Fourth of July for me was the day when I got my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication. Yes, friends, I finally graduated from uni! I waited for two weeks in total before I had to do my thesis defense. That was the most tense moment I've experienced in my life. I could not eat. I could not sleep, and when I slept, I dreamed of thesis defense. 

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Every morning when I woke up, there's a pain in my chest. Felt like I want to throw up everytime I looked at my thesis. I realized that I am an overthinker -- and it's really bad. Sometimes, I spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking through something until I've seen it from different angle. I created negative thoughts in my mind, and once again, it's not good -- it is forbidden to be an overthinker. This makes my life became uneasy. But then, advices and supports came from family and friends, I started believing in myself, in the power and skills, and everything that I have. That I've been trying, learning, practicing as hard as I could, why should I be afraid to face the panelists on my thesis defense? 

Two weeks went by so fast, it was D-1 when my dad gave me a secret little gift so that I would not have to overthink everything and just chill the fuck out. I really did not touch my thesis at all that day. I just wanted to chill and forget everything, it helped. I had the greatest sleep and dream I havent had in weeks, and then came July 4th. I had my thesis defense at 11am. Everyone came to the campus to watch and gave me their best support, and guess what? Everything that I feared before did not occur at all. 

My defense went really smooth, it only took about 30-35mins, and the panelists told me that I passed the test. It was one of the best days in my life. I called my parents, my mom cried over the phone, she said she's been waiting for an hour, her body started to itch a lot because she's stressing out. My dad decided to go for a swim and after that, kept on staring at the window, waiting for my call. My brother and my friends waited nervously outside the room. And I nailed it! It's all because of the support I got from all of you. So from now on, my name is Shida Aruya, S.iKom. 

After that day, my life went back to normal. I ate normal, I slept normal, I showered normal, I played computer normal, I read books normal, etc. Everything's back to normal. All of the messages and gifts coming from friends and family made me happy. I thank God for them.

Once again, thanks for the wishes and support, friends. They meant a lot for me. I'm so happy and proud to be the first two person who got the bachelor's degree in my class.

PS: These are some pictures Dhea took a week before my thesis defense! The rest will be uploaded to her flickr soon.

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