Friday, July 6, 2012


It was the 4th of July, known as the Independence Day of the USA, but this year's Fourth of July for me was the day when I got my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication. Yes, friends, I finally graduated from uni! I waited for two weeks in total before I had to do my thesis defense. That was the most tense moment I've experienced in my life. I could not eat. I could not sleep, and when I slept, I dreamed of thesis defense. 

Every morning when I woke up, there's a pain in my chest. Felt like I want to throw up everytime I looked at my thesis. I realized that I am an overthinker -- and it's really bad. Sometimes, I spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking through something until I've seen it from different angle. I created negative thoughts in my mind, and once again, it's not good -- it is forbidden to be an overthinker. This makes my life became uneasy. But then, advices and supports came from family and friends, I started believing in myself, in the power and skills, and everything that I have. That I've been trying, learning, practicing as hard as I could, why should I be afraid to face the panelists on my thesis defense? 

Two weeks went by so fast, it was D-1 when my dad gave me a secret little gift so that I would not have to overthink everything and just chill the fuck out. I really did not touch my thesis at all that day. I just wanted to chill and forget everything, it helped. I had the greatest sleep and dream I havent had in weeks, and then came July 4th. I had my thesis defense at 11am. Everyone came to the campus to watch and gave me their best support, and guess what? Everything that I feared before did not occur at all. 

My defense went really smooth, it only took about 30-35mins, and the panelists told me that I passed the test. It was one of the best days in my life. I called my parents, my mom cried over the phone, she said she's been waiting for an hour, her body started to itch a lot because she's stressing out. My dad decided to go for a swim and after that, kept on staring at the window, waiting for my call. My brother and my friends waited nervously outside the room. And I nailed it! It's all because of the support I got from all of you. So from now on, my name is Shida Aruya, S.iKom. 

After that day, my life went back to normal. I ate normal, I slept normal, I showered normal, I played computer normal, I read books normal, etc. Everything's back to normal. All of the messages and gifts coming from friends and family made me happy. I thank God for them.

Once again, thanks for the wishes and support, friends. They meant a lot for me. I'm so happy and proud to be the first two person who got the bachelor's degree in my class.

PS: These are some pictures Dhea took a week before my thesis defense! The rest will be uploaded to her flickr soon.

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Felkiza Vinanda said...

Happy to hear the good news! Congrats Shida!


@kiza: thankyou so muchhh :--)

Dyah Paramita Saraswati said...

Congratulation! ;-)

Trish Adams said...

How did you feel after finally completing your bachelor’s thesis? Well, I’m sure that you felt mix emotion because you finish one big task. Just imagine what you feel when you finish phd dissertations and finally getting a degree. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your plan.

Shida Aruya said...


I felt really great. Thanks a lot!!