Nothing Ever Keeps You Safe For Sure

My last blogpost was posted approx two weeks ago, so until now I have not munched ice cubes for the whole 15days++ (it's such an accomplishment for me). I was kind of stressed out for the whole first week but now I'm getting used to it. Sometimes when all of the happy thoughts about munching ice cubes come to my mind, I just open my freezer and give a blank stare to the transparent box filled with it. I tried to be a rebel once, and ate one ice cube (wtf thats so rebel), it freaking hurts so bad, so yeah..

And..... I've finally finished my final thesis, I'm finally able to breathe freely for at least a week or two because my thesis is now being checked at the bureau and I need to wait for them to call me and schedule me the thesis defense, so again, wish me the best of luck. I just can not wait to be graduated this year and plan a lot of vacations!

Anyways!! I've been making mixtapes at 8tracks for I dont know, almost a year probably, and have only made 9, cos well I have playlists on my iTunes but never upload em to 8tracks, then I decided to add 2 new mixtapes because some friends asked me to, so please listen to "nothing ever keeps you safe for sure", 8 tracks that represent the type of songs that I love. I also made "maybe it's just the way that god made me this day" a few days ago. Feel free to check out my other mixtapes on 8tracks. I have nothing much to say tho, so see you l8r aligator!