Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Mixtape and The Dentist

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Abandoned this blog for a month, again. I was pretty busy with, well, my thesis. As I recall, I said I wanted to seriously work on my final thesis since two months ago but I kind of ignored it too. I feel bad for myself actually. I mean, when I'm really in the mood to write and work on my thesis, I could write a total 30++ pages in only 3 to 4 hours. It has been proven! If only I used this capability months ago, my thesis would have been stacked inside the thesis bureau now. But I won't regret it though, last month I had one of the best holiday (so far) and I just finished my 5th chapter today and sorted out all of the attachments and stuff, I wish I could submit my thesis next week and have my defense in June. One of my best friends has already graduated last week and he instantly became my motivation to finish my thesis as soon as possible.

Anyway, earlier this month, my 4 years old laptop suddenly broken. I was so shocked I started to cry in the morning when I could not see anything -- nothing appeared on the monitor -- all I could think about was that I just finished my 4th chapter the other night and I have not sent it to my e-mail yet. I totally freaked out. There are also dozens of photos that I have not saved in my harddisk. But thankfully, turned out that it was the LCD that's broken so I only had to change it to the new one, but still it scared the hell out of me. Another quick tip for you guys and girls: DO NOT procrastinate to save and store your work in your external hard disk, flashdisk and or send it to your e-mail, especially after you typed a shitload of paperwork. Make it better, save your work in Google Drive, it's so cool and very useful.

Enough about thesis and computers, I received a mixtape a few days ago from someone. The mixtape contains 16 songs and there is a hidden message if I combine all the artists' initials!

So I'll just give you my top 5 from the mixtape + the lyrics:
1. My Favourite Book by Stars 
and to this day, when everything breaks, you are the anchor that holds me
2. Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung 
I didn't believe in destiny, I look up you're standing next to me, what a feeling
3. Wraith Pinned to The Mist and Other Games by Of Montreal
maybe I'll never die, I'll just keep younger with you and you'll grow younger too, now it seems too lovely to be true but I know the best things always do
4. Stars by Au Revoir Simone
and since we met I simply cannot forget, you are on my mind. Since the day we met , I think I haven't slept more than an hour at a time (he even sang this for me, live)
5. On Your Side by Magnet 
I'll be on your side, I'm on your side, you'll always find me on your side

In my opinion, giving a mixtape as a surprise present for your partner is a really good way to let your partner understands the way you feel about them and in the end it will help you both understand the way you feel about each other. In addition to that, you could definitely barter some new music and give each other recommendation to broaden your musical horizons. Am I right?

PS: I just went to the dentist again yesterday, I know, I know, we have to do the calculus scaling at least once/twice a year but when the timecomes all I could taste inside my mouth is blood and a gnawing pain. My teeth and gum hurt so bad, but well, I gotta do it, and you guys too just to keep em good and healthy. 

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