Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Siblings Photoseries in 香港

The best thing about being outside the country is when you can take pictures that will turn out surprisingly good somehow because of the weather and different colours of the sky. What makes it better is when your dad used to have a camera shop and loves to take pictures with his own cameras. Us as the children did not refuse to be his amateur models, of course :p

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This photo was taken when we arrived in Kowloon. I always took pictures in this area, my friends start to question why. The reason is because I want this to be a ritual, that I must go to this place at least every year, amen. This is called visualization and affirmation, y'all!

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One of the best restaurant and cafe to have breakfast in Kowloon. It's located at Prat Avenue, near Catham Rd. My favourite choice has always been their macaroni soup with ham and egg + a smalll cup of hot milk tea. I asked my dad to take this picture from outside the window, loving the tone!

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Strolling around Humphrey's Rd and found this narrow old alley beside 711.The toy machines on the right and chinese characters written on the small banner up there captured my eyes instantly.

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This one was taken near the place where I stole three HURTS concert posters last year.

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Decided to take a picture at Mody Rd before we went to see the Symphony of Lights. It was really-really cold that time I always wore my sweater, even my brother who usually can tolerate sweater-weather always wore double. Don't forget that the boots and my tights also made my body warm.

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You can have the best view of Hongkong island from Salisbury Rd just near the Harbour City mall and the harbour itself. Always spend time sitting on the deck or just standing, feel the wind breeze blowing through  the air. I am going to be back soon, Hongkong.


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