Friendly Fires Pulled Me Back to Earth

It’s almost the end of March and turns out I could not keep my promise when I said I’ll blog again (for at least) every week, but whatever. How are you guys doing? It’s so funny, you know, when at first you were so eager to do something and promised yourself that you’d finish it as soon as possible, (for me it’s all about my final thesis), and turns out number two, you found out that you could not do that because there’re too much distractions like holidays, internet, and bla bla bla, let’s call it “reasons”, all I did for the past two months were lazying around, had dates with my laptop, literally had dates with bestfriends, watched movies, and went to music concerts and gigs.

But, I finally finished my fourth chapter last week. Finished it in one day only, sent the file to my thesis advisor and she said I only need to add  a bit of this and that, here and there, and it’ll be done in no time, amen.

Right, talking about concerts, before St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, I also went to Love Garage and saw Bag Raiders and Röyksopp. Röyksopp, brought the songs beautifully even though I know they felt like baked pies inside the oven with their marvelous eccentric outfits. I decided not to watch Erol Alkan and went home, because I got the tickets for free anyways, so it did not really matter.

Last week we gathered around again at Fairgrounds to watch Friendly Fires and The Magician. Roman Foot Soldiers opened the gig and followed by The Magician, which I thought was really boring. Like, really. Even though I saw people danced when he played Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”, but seriously, boring like fuck. Maybe just because I don’t really like the genre. Maybe. 

Anyways, I have been waiting for Friendly Fires since forever, dammit and  when they came out with the famous “Lovesick”, I just started to dance and sing along with my friend Tata. “Skeleton Boy” and “Show Me Lights” which are my two favourites were brought back to back, and followed by “Pala”, everyone started to do the slow dance and it was reallyyyyyy good. The vibe was great. I am so glad I finally got the chance to see them live (especially to see EDD GIBSON, one sexy man) and also to see Ed’s moves in person! Luvly. One of the best performances I saw live. I didn't bring my camera with me, so I only had two photos from my friend's camera <3

Last thing, when I said I was lazying around all day, I actually strolled around my old photo folders and found the photos I took last year in Hongkong. It really surprised me when two weeks ago Dad told me that we’re going back to Hongkong again on April 6th!! It’s been a while and I really miss the place. I also decided to bring my old Ricoh Lx-22 s and try to take pictures with that colorful camera. So, I’ll see you next month, Hongkong? :--)