St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2012 (part II)

After 45 minutes of dancing to The Drums and sweat a fucking lot, Anna Calvi came out. I have never listened to Anna Calvi before, and honestly I did not really wanna watch her, so I decided to buy drinks and foods with my friends. I did not realize that Fort Canning has already filled up with more and more people, from die-hard-fans of the bands to some people who (sorry) came and only took pictures of theirselves the whole time, talking and did not even listen to the bands performing.

Anyway, one thing that made me kind of scared was that I'm afraid I would be separated from my friends while walking in the middle of that huge park that filled with human beings with such colorful outfits, and it happened. My friends walked so fast, I was just turning my face toward the opposite direction for seconds, and when I turned back my friend's gone already. I tried to look at the bars but I could not find them. 

Unfortunately the queue line at both bars were sooooo~ long, I was so thirsty and desperate to have a drink but I did not want to queue. Could not find my friends too, so I walked and sat near the exit door and smoked some cigs. I then -- still felt fucking thirsty -- walked to the exit door and asked the guy if there's a convenient store near Fort Canning and if I could go back inside the venue after I go out, and he said I can go back inside later. That time I seriously felt like there's an angel helping me to go get a drink and to make it better, to go eat my late lunch.

I looked at the list, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart going to perform at 9pm and it was only 6pm so I decided to go out of the venue. I walked downhill to a mall and happily ate Unagi Don, drank a glass of iced water and cold ocha! Went back to the venue at 8pm and again tried to find my friend. Thankgod they sat under a tree where we decided to use as a meeting point before. I asked my friend how long did they stand to queue for a glass of coke, and she said, 60mins++. Man, thanks to the guy at the exit door for the information.

Twin Shadow and Laura Marling performance were good. I dont listen to them, but they were also really great live. I saw Twin Shadow from afar and the lights, the sound, everything was nice. Laura Marling has a beautiful voice, but still, I dont like her songs. It finally reached 9pm, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart  opened the performance with This Love Is Fucking Right. Too bad after one or two songs the sound system got broken and they had to go backstage for a while. People still cheered for them, and they came out again, Peggy sheepishly thanked the audience for the patience. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart brought Belong, Heart In Your Heartbreak, A Teenager In Love -- people's favourite! Kip also jumped many times while shredding his guitar. I think he has his own spark, and looking at him jumping like that excite us.

The four last performances were also in the list of my must-see-at-Laneway-Festival. Chazwick aka Toro Y Moi came out and brought New Beat. It was soooo good I could not stop dancing while queueing for another drink. Talamak, Gow With You, Low Shoulder, I Can Get Love also kept people dancing and chilling in the evening because it was like.... 9:40 already. Chaz was so cute with his orange t-shirt and also the eyeglasses. The songs were so danceable they made me forget about my problems. 

The crowd then started to move to stage two because Feist was next! I decided to watch her from afar because I must, I had to, I needed to stand in the front row for The Horrors. My friends moved to stage two so I was left alone, sitting under the night sky, enjoying Feist. The songs she sang mostly coming from her new album, Metals, such as The Bad In Each Other (it was really good, oh my), Graveyard, and -- my favourite -- How Come You Never Go There. She sang Mushaboom in a cute way, and you know what, just to listen to her talking sent shiver up my spine. This is no joke, she has the sexiest voice and also really pretty. Sealion ended her performance and she said, "See you in Jakarta!".

After Feist gone to the backstage, the crowd in front of stage one started to stand up and waited for The Horrors. I told my friends many times I think they got bored at me saying, "I AM SO NERVOUS. OMG I AM SO NERVOUS, I AM GONNA SEE THE HORRORS. I'M GONNA SEE RHYS WEBB," and finally they came out... 

I knew it that they'll opened their performance with Endless Blue, and as soon as Rhys started to dance to the intro of Endless Blue, I think I dropped my jaw on the ground. I seriously could not take my eyes off of him. I am in love with him since like, FOREVER, have been imagining myself standing in front of him looking at his dance moves that matched the beat of the sound of his bass........ It's just.... Adorable. It's mesmerizing. I can not find a perfect word to say how perfect Rhys Webb is, it confuses me.

Faris Badwan with his long sleeved t-shirt (he put his right hand perfectly inside the right sleeve but I think he kind of cut and made a whole on half of his left sleeve -- and also there was a whole like he torn his t-shirt under his left armpit -- omg I am such a freak I even saw this kind of thing) was so gorgeous. When he sang Who Can Say, Mirror's Image, Scarlet Fields, Moving Further Away, etc etc etc, he gave me goosebumps! When Faris throwed and slammed his microphone, when he screamed, so memorable. I still remember every scene, every move they made, everything. How Faris in his quirky way saying "thankyou" to the crowd, after every single song, was just simply beautiful.

After The Horrors, M83 came out and closed Laneway Festival 2012. They were also really good. Me and my friends gone crazy when they brought Teen Angst. The crowd danced the night out to Midnight City, We Own The Sky, and M83 ended the night with Couleurs. 

Funny thing was I could not stop thinking about The Horrors. That was the time I (literally) felt a post gig depression. The only band that gave me chills and made me depressed after the show is only Mew, and then The Horrors came out just to give me another depression. 

I -- again, literally -- cried during M83's Teen Angst. I felt sad. I felt bad, I was sad because I did not have a chance to watch The Horrors again in Bandung because they had their show there on Feb 14th, and I had to go back from Singapore the same day but at night, so I would not be able to watch them for the second time. I've been waiting for The Horrors since forever, and it's just... It made me feel like shit. When I arrived at my room I went straight to look for my iPod, closed my eyes and listen to The Horrors again. I don't know. It's just depressing, I type the word depressing so many time, my blog is going to slit its wrist.

But, forget about all the depression stuff, LANEWAY FESTIVAL was the bomb!! I really want to thank my friends for such a very wondrous weekend and also for their patience because they are willing to listen to my depression-complaints. Also my bestfriend, Skinnymarie, who has been my concert-mate all of this years, I cant wait to go to Laneway again next year with you. I am so blessed.