St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2012 (part I)

So here I am finally back in Jakarta after a really really nice weekend spent in Singapore with loved ones. There are lots of stories to tell but the core is surely about St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2012, with 14 bands performing live at The Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

I went to Singapore on Saturday, February 11th. Unfortunately, I did not go on the same flight with my bestfriend because they have already arrived earlier that day. I was so excited but then my flight got delayed 1hr30min, it was making me crazy and my mood significantly changed (but deep down inside I was still excited). But long story short, I made it to Orchard at 8, met my friends, strolled around Orchard and Somerset -- accompanied them to buy all the stuffs they wants, met Nadirah, and had my first Subway Sandwich after several months craving those 6inch-Italian-bread.

The next day, my bestfriend and I took the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut exactly at 12:30pm and walked uphill to Fort Canning Park. The queue line was quite long already, the sun shone fucking bright and the weather was so hot, but that did not stop us. And as usual, because the system were all well-organized, we only queued not more than 15mins and then we entered the venue.

The festival started on time, Cults opened the show with Abducted. Madeline’s voice was so beautiful, especially when she screamed the “cos I can’t sleep alone at night, yeah you know what I mean!” part from You Know What I Mean. I was actually a little bit disappointed because Cults had to perform first and opened Laneway Festival. I always imagined listening to Madeline and Brian in the evening, but in the end it’s all worth it, because they were so great live. When Yuck performed after Cults, I went to the front row because I saw Brian tidying up his stuff alone, so I called him, he smiled and waved his hand to me, he’s the cutest thing ever. 

If you read my previous post I told you some of the bands out of all 14 that I really wanna see the most. So after Cults, the next performances came from Yuck, Chairlift and Austra. Minutes before Austra finished her songs, I saw a guy came out to stage one, and it was JR from Girls! At that time, I've already stood in the front row so we kept calling JR's name. He's so sweet in person and not cocky at all. He gave the audience flowers while he fixed and sticked them to Owens' and his own microphone. This reminds me of the time when in all of a sudden Girls sent me a DM that said, "hey, thanks for loving us! You're as cute as a button! Where do you live?" and after we had a chat via direct message on Twitter, the one who sent me those messages finally said, "I am JR, the other half". See, he's so kind.

Then, Chris Owens came out and helped JR sticking the flowers. I remember reading an article that said Owens once sang Heal The World by Michael Jackson right after MJ died, and that day at Laneway, Owens started their performance by singing I Will Always Love You because Whitney Houston died the day before. All of the audience sang along to the song and I saw Owens once or twice could not hold his tears

The song then followed by the famous Lust for Life. Girls brought almost all of my favourite songs -- Laura, Alex, Heartbreaker, Honey Bunny. I finally listened to Owens (with his sexiness) saying, "I'm gonna get you honey!" and looked at him pointing and moving his right index finger while he sang, "Well who cares, no you don't", live! I was so stoked. Oh, and by the way at the end of Girls' performance, Christopher Owens gave me and my bestfriend flowers! He's definitely going to be my Valentine! Ha ha ha ha.

What made me panic at Laneway is the list of performances. Some bands that I really wanna watch so much mostly performed right after each other so I (kind of) have to choose between them, which was pretty confusing. Like, 5mins after Girls was The Drums, I LOVE BOTH, but I had to choose. So after considering many times, I chose to stand in the front row for Girls, because I've already watched The Drums once (and stood in the front row too that time at Blowfish). The Drums was -- of course -- amazing, brought many new songs, and that's what I've been waiting for. We danced like crazy to The Drums. Love them.

As usual, everyone went crazy when Jonny started Let's Go Surfing, I went crazy when he sang Down By The Water. New songs like Money and Days were so good to listen to live, and The Drums ended their performance with The Future.

to be continued..