Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Oh, out here don't you ever know better.."

I've been so busy lazying around this month, just because I have already submitted my 40 pages internship report that contains me blabbing about how wonderfully tiring it was to work as a fashion assistant in a magazine. I also can not continue to work on my final thesis right now because The Young Liars (the object of my research) went to Paris yesterday! 

They were invited to play at MIDEM Festival 2012 in Cannes, with White Shoes and The Couples Company. I am so proud of them. So instead of typing thousand words for my thesis now I better send my good wishes for my friends in Cannes. Besides, if The Young Liars could make a good impression there at MIDEM (and of course they will), it would be a really helpful information to be put on my final thesis later :-)

Well then, talking about music and stuff, my friend who is a concert freak asked me to join him to make a website about music gigs, I said yes and it's on progress right now. And have you listened to a song called Automatic High? Yes, it's a single that's just been released by my friend named Wezy, I am so proud of him too! He asked me to be his publicist but I don't feel like it, so I decided to join his team and manage all the things that are related to social media to help him publish his album in March! Wish me luck!

Looking at the calendar, today is the 28th of January already, means I will go to Singapore with my bestfriend for Laneway Festival in no more than two weeks! I really can not wait since I've been waiting for Girls and The Horrors for too long and my dreams will come true next month! Even though I am actually a bit sad because I planned to watch The Horrors twice (in Spore & Jakarta) but turns out they will have their gig here on Feb 14th and I am gonna be back to Jakarta at midnight, it's kind of depressing! I need to force my brain to record everything that happens at Laneway, this is a serious matter.

Pictures below are some beautiful photos snapped by professional photographers and also music bloggers. I'd love to watch all of them but the picture at the very bottom is the band I wanna see the most. Click on these names to check out all of the amazing photographers' websites. (Toro Y MoiCults, Girls, The Horrors). 

"Oh, out here don't you ever know.. Oh, out here don't you ever know better.."
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Fay Siantasius said...

you going to laneway fest? ah i wish i anyway, Feist is coming to jkt in february, right? are you going to the concert?


@Fay: yes I'm going!! :> but I dont think Imma watch Feist in Jkt, cos I'm saving my money for Friendly Fires and Peter Bjorn and John

Janitra said...

CABEEEE fotoin the painnnssss!

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