Lets Go On A Holiday - Kamengski

A friend of mine, Gooodit asked me to make a mixtape for Kamengski. I said yes without thinking twice.

At first I was thinking to make a mixtape about how life's treating us so far, but then I realized people need holiday, at least that's how my life's treating me so far. I mean, I saw my twitter timeline, I read my friends' blog posts, think they also need holidays. As for me, I've finished my internship already, but I still need to write the report and stuff.............. FUCK IT, Lets Go On A Holiday, who wants to join?

Tracklisting : 
Villages - Alpine
Ghost Train - Summer Camp
Holiday -  Albert Hammond, Jr.
All Around and Away We Go - Twin Sister
Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn and John
A Weekend In Brooklyn - Kisses
Jealous of Roses - Bibio
Vacation - Beach Fossils
Jericho - Jamaica
Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing

Duration -- 36,9 Minute
Download here