Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heavy rain, a box of Pepperoni Pizza, and Bestfriends.

It was a rainy-rainy Saturday. I slept at 4am, and at 10am the next day, there was a call coming from  one of my bestfriends, Adit. He said he’s going to go to my place and want to spend the day together, also with Skinnymarie. Even though it was hard to get up from my bed, the answer for both of my bestfriends is always a “YES”.

The result of three minions that have nothing to do on weekends always turns out fun. Spent hours at the bookstore, searching for books and magazines, got tired so we sat in the corner -- looking at Terry Richardson’s penis. Went to the divination and fortune telling section, found a book called “The Book of Answers". Asked stuff, such as: Can I go to London this year? Am I going to go to New York again soon? How are you doing? What’s good for dinner tonight? – ooh, and there’s also a book called “Mom’s Book of Answers”, we definitely asked stuff again like, What would our mom say if we lose our virginity before we get married? What would our mom say if we wanna spend the night with a guy? And the anwers that popped out from the book were surprising! It said: take a bath, go to the backyard and play, or if you can’t do option A, you still have option B and C. Was pretty funny!

Toro Y Moi, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Twin Sister shuffled on our iPod as we strolled around Jakarta in a really heavy rain. Decided to enjoy a large box of pepperoni pizza and chicken wings with BBQ sauce, accompanied by cans of beer and cigarettes. Man, life is good. I mean, what’s better than sharing stories with bestfriends while eating pizza? Hours later, the rain started to stop pouring when we had an idea to do a spontaneous photoshoot. Since I always bring my sunglasses, and Adit always brings his camera, and Skinnymarie always has her sexy brown hair (do they even related to a photoshoot), we tried to find a good spot near Domino’s. I know, I know, Skinnymarie and I are not real models, we are amateurs, but at least we had fun. Enjoy the photos! Adit said the theme of the photo is "Yes, girls just want to have fun"
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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