Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh No Ono Splitting Up

There’re lot of things happened this year and I can’t believe it’s December already. There’re too many things to do, I’ve got no time to even check my own blog. To make matters worse,  it’s been a month since I moved to a boarding house, and the wi-fi connection can not be detected in my room, so I’ve spent the whole month playing with only my phone, and yeah, no TV, cos I am not a telly-person. I went back home every Friday after a whole week of working. Spent almost all weekends at home with family and friends.

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I kind of agree now that we can not live without the internet, I missed a lot of news, phew. When I got home yesternight, I went straight to my bedroom and turned on my laptop to check my email and stuff. There’s a message coming from my friend who lives in Jalisco, and she said, “Oh No Ono won’t exist anymore. I’m crying”.  

I did not believe her at first, I kept saying to myself, “the fuck this can’t happen!”, but when I checked their site, well it’s true. Oh No Ono told the fans that they played their last show last friday night. I don’t know if you guys have ever listened to Oh No Ono, but my love for them is as big as my love for Mew. This news broke my heart, it is far worse than breaking up with your boyfriend, or maybe losing your mobile phone. I read their post 3 times until I finally believed that it is true they split up. One of my dreams, to watch them live when I move to Europe, gone in seconds. I played Sunshine and Rain at Once on repeat, and cried. 
I will always love them, no matter what, for me they're still Oh No Ono. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I am a French guy and I've just read your post. You're right: Oh No Ono means a lot to me too. I was listening to Treefight for Sunshine and I was thinking a so much better band Oh No Ono was. It's so sad, really. Always to one step far from bad taste, they were beauty. They had everything: songs, chorus, haircuts, youth.
I discovered them on stage and my first reaction was some kind of nausea-it was everything i hate- and just after this first reaction, i was completely seduced. And that facination doesn't disappear...
Sunshine and rain at once is on of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Have a good day.