Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dom and Gumby

Forget the sad stuff on my previous post, I'm trying to move on right now so let's talk about happy things. Last month I watched Tame Impala! Shit got real I stood in front of Kevin. Even though I realy wanted to stand in front of Dom and Gumby, but when you stand in the middle you can watch all of them freely. 

Chk Chk Chk came out before Tame Impala, and both were so great live. I could not explain how the voice of Kevin brought me to the clouds and how cute Dom's smile was. Look at one of the pictures I took that night, and I'll give you the chance to make the story and imagine their performance yourself.

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Anyway, it's been two months since I started my internship at Girlfriend magazine. My office mates and other interns are totally fashionable and fun to work with. No day spent without laughter. As for the works and job desk, all worked out and turned out well. We go in and out of malls borrowing clothes, use them for fashion spread photoshoots the next day and then bring them back to the malls. I've got the chance to write beauty and fashion articles, make press releases, mix and match outfits and stuff. Oh, and for my girlfriends whom I asked to be models for the fashion spreads, whom I asked to be pictured for our ‘street style’ article last week at Brightspot Market, thanks for helping!

A very surprising news came out yesterday when my boss told Ocha, Tata, and I to do one fashion spread by ourselves. I was amazed, this is the first time that interns were given the chance to do the whole fashion spread, to find the models, the photographer, the location for the photoshoot, the theme, the wardrobe, everything. Isn’t that cool? Please wish us luck and I’ll show you the result later! But I'm gonna end my internship on December 20th, I'm kind of happy and depressed at the same time. Happy cos I finally have the time to focus on my thesis (I nailed my thesis proposal hearing weeks ago!), but depressed and sad because I have to leave my friends at work. Here I wanna show you how works can be really fun to do at my office! Pardon my face.

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