Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It’s September! Rainy season is coming, and how was your holiday, anyway? Had lotta fun? Mine was actually quite scary and nervousing. The thoughts of the upcoming 7th semester with internship, final thesis, thesis hearing, etc made my brain works frantically. It was like “oh shoot I wanna go somehere, to the beach, have fun and not worrying about stuff” but then again, still the thoughts haunt me. 

What made it even worse was when two of my close friends have already had their internships and that time I had not even sent one CV yet. Weeks after that, I sent my CVs to some magazine and television companies. Got called by ANTV (a tv company) for interview and they have already given me the work schedule and everything. They said they’ll call me again in two weeks. Wish me luck!

Another thing is, at my university, we have to start writing on our final thesis on 7th semester. The title of my thesis is “The Advantages of Micrboblogging Site as a Promotional Tool for Independent Bands”. My thesis advisor likes the idea and told me to start writing on the first chapter; the background and stuff. I will have my thesis defense in October, this news makes my stomach lurch upside-down, but it’s so exciting at the same time.

Back to September, I’m gonna let you know some random stuff this month. First thing first, September 3rd is my parents’ wedding anniversary. It’s their 22nd anniversary this year. Secondly, the birthstone for September is the sapphire, and this is the reason why my mom gave me a blue sapphire ring for my birthday present years ago, I just knew this! That makes us proceed to the third thing, September 28th is my birthday. I've already got myself birthday presents in advance actually, but can I have a birthday wishlist? I want Mew to come back here again, a big bucket of Liquorice jelly beans, and a simple call from any company that tells me to work at their office (amen to that). 

Anyway, that's not all, we still have another birthday this month! It's September 21st, Frengers must know this, today is Jonas Bjerre's birthday! Which makes me soooo happy to be born in the same month with my favourite person in this whole wide world. Jonas is the most friendly musician I have ever met, he has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, he is my inspiration, our inspiration. He is ethereal. I made a birthday present for him yesterday, took a picture of him from his facebook, and edited it.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Jonas Bjerre.
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Yoanda Pragita said...

Hi, Shida.
I've been a silent reader of your blog since like 2 years ago. :p
I love reading your blog, seeing your attempt on photography, and your artwork.
Good luck with your thesis. I hope everything went great. Take care :D

Yoanda Pragita


@Yoanda Pragita: Thankyou so much I really appreciate it, you made my day! I know I am an amateur at writing, I basically just write everything about my daily life but I hope you're not bored with that.