Paramore Made an Earthquake In The Heart of Parawhores

Finally after years of waiting, all of the fans of Paramore, or as we all know, the Parawhore have reached one of their goals in life, to watch their favourite band live. As mentioned on their website, Paramore will be on The Vans Warped Tour from July 14th through August 9th and followed by another tour to Asia, including Hongkong, Singapore, and our beloved country, Indonesia. 

This was a surprise after all the news about the departure of two members of the band, Farro brothers. Everyone thought Paramore broke up, Paramore won’t be a band anymore, but we were wrong. They recruited new members for live shows and they still gave us a very great performance.

About thousands of people filled Carnaval Beach Ancol on August 19th, 2011. Most girls wore leopard-printed-tees, since Hayley Williams, the vocalist loves leopard-printed stuff. Boys wore various Paramore t-shirts. Some of them were fasting, but they did not really care how hungry their stomach were, they waited for Paramore since 3 in the afternoon, whereas they were informed that the gate will be opened at 7pm. 

Thankfully, the promoter provided free drinks for those who were not fasting and an entertainment for Parawhore who were still waiting for the gate-opening. There was a small stage next to the line where we sat, 3 bands performed there and accompanied us through the waiting, Gadis, Last Child, and Gecko which were pretty entertaining.

The gate finally opened, everyone ran to take the best spot to watch Paramore. Fortunately, I got the chance to stood on the front row on the left side of the stage. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm but the show started an hour late. The Swellers, which was the opening act for Paramore went up to the stage at 9, and Paramore came around 10-ish. This did not bring  Parawhore’s adrenaline down because just when Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor came out to the stage, everyone screamed like crazy.

Like every concerts they had before, Paramore gave us ‘Ignorance’ for the first song, it felt like an earthquake attacked Carnaval Beach because every single person there started jumping right after Taylor shredded on his guitar for the intro. They brought 18 songs total from every album. Looking Up, Playing God; When It Rains, Where The Lines Overlap, Misguided Ghosts for the accoustic session followed by Crush Crush Crush (we can feel another great earthquake), and the new song everyone has been waiting for, Monster.

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An hour has passed, Hayley grabbed her standing-mic and started singing The Only Exception. Everyone sang the lyrics beautifully and the song ended with pyrotechnic waterfall on the background. Sounds like an ending, but live concert will not be complete without the encore! All of them came out again and brought the famous ‘Brick by Boring Brick’, and ended the concert with their first single from Riot!  ‘Misery Business’.

We all may have a thought that Paramore will not be the same without Farro brothers, but the concert last week made us realize that Paramore was a great band, is a great band, and will always be a great band that can make an instant earthquake in the heart of every Parawhore, because of their wondrous and  powerful performance.