Java Rockin Land 2011 pt. II

Artists line up for the third day were Good Charlotte, Kensington, Frente, Young The Giant, Helloween, Happy Mondays, etc. I came the third day just to watch Good Charlotte, Kensington, and Young The Giant, because honestly I dont really like Frente. Just like anyone else who are maybe not a big fan of Frente, I only like Bizzare Love Triangle.

I’ve never watched Kensington live, they were the first one to watch on Sunday so I went to Simpati stage and stood in the front row, to be exact, in front of Casper fucking Starreveld!! They were just as awesome as I expected. I shouted Casper’s name several times, and he realized it was me shouting his name he smiled at me. Eloi, Jan, and Niles also gave their best performance, Eloi said “terima kasih” many times to the crowd. After that, I went backstage, just randomly  tried my luck, I might get to meet the guys from Kensington and yeah Eloi came out from the backstage I called him and took pictures with him!

Just when I finished talking and taking pics with Eloi, I heard a very familiar drum roll from Intermusic stage. I knew Benji and Joel are coming out, so I ran to the huge stage, and enjoyed Good Charlotte’s live performance like I enjoy eating ice cream every summer. Massive crowd but they had really good attitude not like the ones I had around me on the first day. Benji kept his promise to sing SM*SH – I Heart You and it was freaking funny, I recorded that (all videos of Neon Trees, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Cranberries, Young The Giant, Kensington, Blood Red Shoes will be uploaded ASAP to my YouTube account). 

After Good Charlotte, we went to BNI stage and waited for Young The Giant. They came out and brought lots of songs like I Got, My Body, etc. Most of the crowd sat around while watching Young The Giant, I looked behind me and there were four tall guys standing behind me and I was so shocked they were Casper, Eloi, Jan, and Niles. I smiled at Casper,  he said “Hi” and just like that I asked him if I can take a pic with him, and he said yes!!! After we took pictures I pulled myself together and tried to ask Casper if the guitar he used was fender Jaguar, and I was so shocked when he patted my back and whispered to me “What?”, I was trying to answer him but before I opened my mouth he put his ear just an inch close to my lips and I asked him again, I swear I was shaking.  

He then answered my question, “nah, I used Telecaster! Hey you like Young The Giant too?”, again, to my ear. We had a chitchat and Casper whispered to me everytime he speaks asdahfjladjkasdj, I cant even, I did not know how to feel and what to say. I also took a pic with Jan and Niles, and Franรงois from Young The Giant gave my brother his drum stick. That’s awesome!  Anyway, days after JRL, I showed Casper the pic of him shredding his guitar via twitter and he replied “I do (enjoyed shredding his guitar at JRL) and I remember you! Hope to come to Jakarta again soon”.

OK, stop fan-girling, but overall Young The Giant was a really good choice to close this year’s Java Rockin Land for me (because I did not watch Helloween), and I’m hoping to watch other great bands next year! Anyone reading this and also went to JRL last week, please tell me your stories! I would love to read it. See ya!!