Java Rockin Land 2011 pt. I

Here I’m going to tell you how Java Rockin Land 2011 went, in case you did not go to there last week. Well, I went there for the whole 3 days and it was freaking awsum! Because there was no camping ground this year, me and my brother decided to stay at Mercure inside Ancol. I think that was a good thing to do because going in and out of Ancol everyday costs a lot of money and (of course) energy. 

I bought the ticket when the price was still Rp 440.000 for 3-day-pass and it was all worth it, even though that time JFP has not confirmed all the artist line up, but I really did not care because there were rumours here and there that 30 Seconds To Mars and The Cranberries are going to perform at Java Rockin Land 2011, so why wait?

Let’s roll to the first day of JRL 2011. We Are Scientist, Blood Red Shoes, and 30 Seconds To Mars performed that day, there were lots of other bands since JRL provided 10 stages, but I gave my attention to only those 3. Shodi and I sat in the middle of the crowd while watching We Are Scientist and I’m a bit dissapointed with their live performance. I don’t know why, is it just me or they actually did not sound really good live, if you guys watched them too, what do you think? But overall they’re good, they played my fav song, so I gave them good score. 

The schedule then followed by Blood Red Shoes. I was afraid I’m not going to stand close to the stage for 30 Seconds To Mars so we decided to watch BRS far away from Simpati Stage, cos BRS will perform again the next day, at least we got the chance to watch them again. 30STM delayed their performance from 11pm to 1am so we had to wait for about 2 hours standing in front of GG Intermusic Stage, my energy drained.

1am, Jared Tomo and Shannon came out and everybody was getting crazy. Around me were all big guys, no girls, and they pushed each other like morons. I remember the second song was A Beautiful Lie, and when Jared sang “It’s a beautiful Lieeeeee..” I was pushed here and there, I could not see anything, I heard someone broke bottles behind, I heard someone puked, and those big guys were jumping like crazy, I nearly died, if it’s not because of Shodi, Yan, Adam, Abi, Kafka, and two other guys who made a circle around me, I will be squished to death. I’ve been to great concerts with crazy crowds but this one is the worst. 

After the 5th song, This Is War, I could not take it anymore, everybody was screaming, shouting, and fighting with each other so I decided to go out from the crowd, and enjoyed Jared sang from the small stage behind the crowd. Apart from that crazy experience, as always, Closer to The Edge and Kings and Queens made me shiver a lot, I felt butterflies not only in my stomach but all over my body. 30 Seconds To Mars was fucking amazeballs.

The second day came and we were so excited to watch Blood Red Shoes, Young The Giant, Neon Trees, and The Cranberries. We went to Carnaval beach around 4pm and watched Young the Giant at 7. They were really, really good, what excites me more was when they played The Strokes’ You Only Live Once, Sameer had a very great voice and they are really good live. After YTG, we waited for about an hour and a half and Neon Trees came out, Shodi and I stood in the front row, of course! They played all their songs. Tyler was hot, and Chris winked and smiled at me several times he gave me and my brother two guitar picks! That was lovely.

I think the biggest crowd for JRL 2011 was on Saturday, everyone was waiting for The Cranberries. They came out at 11pm, I stood in the middle of the crowd and sang along with Dolores. I recorded Linger with my camera because it is my favourite and Dolores sang it beautifully.  After that, I went to Tebs stage and was surprised to see Laura and Steven from Blood Red Shoes were  checking the sound for their performance. I stood in the front row in front of Steven and shouted his name several times he smiled at me! Finally the crowd from Cranberries came to Tebs stage and BRS started their performance, they sang my fav song, Heartsink!­­

to be continued..