The Intercultural Conference

The Intercultural Conference went really, really, really well, just like what we expected. All the laugh, love, tears, sweat, swollen and watery eyes because we stared at the monitor from early in the morning until another morning, fights, cooperation, everything.... are totally paid! I mean like, from all the designs for the promotion materials, the one that's being choosen was ours, and stuff like that.

I was actually a bit dissapointed that my class' presentation was being cut by the moderator because she said the time was up, and I saw Mirad (my lecturer) went out from the auditorium right after my group was being cut. So he did not watch us debate, and did not watch us answering questions from the audiences. I was a bit sad, but then after the conference ended, he came and told me that he really were sorry because it turned out that he had to lecture night class.

I asked him if he was mad because we were being cut but he said "Hey, you guys were really great up there, the presentation was really good and concise. I am not mad! I have class to lecture. You guys did a really great job", I was so happy he told me that. 

I know, for the past two months he was a bit dissapointed because (you know.. teenagers....) we always do stuff last minute, just near the deadline, but that's the thing we learned from the whole project. Never do last minute work, I also learned how hard to bring together so many ideas to be one great idea, but in the end, we are very proud of what we've already accomplished.

I wish I can show you the video but it's still in the process of editing, so here are the pictures from the conference. I'm proud of all my friends from Batch XII.