Saturday, July 30, 2011

Between Surabaya, Paris, and Jakarta

The 6th semester ended two days ago and it was such a relief for me. I can stop worrying about all of my tasks and those crazy-ass assignments. Good news! My Intercultural Communication final exam which was a thick book containing all activity report, execution and stuff about Germany and our Intercultural Conference is ready to be shown to people! I am so proud of myself and my classmates.

The holiday started yesterday and do you remember the guy I told you about in my older post? My old friend from France, yes, he is coming to town! Has been here in Jakarta for two weeks already and I met him yesterday. My mom joined us too because she is Julien’s mom’s friend. Funny thing is the second I met Julien he shouted, “aaah akhirnya ketemu juga” with his funny Indonesian accent, but then he started to speak in English all along the way. He brought his sisters, Laetitia and Gabby, whom are my juniors in elementary school. We went straight to Starbucks and had hours of chitchat. 6 hours to be exact and I don’t think it’s enough for us to share all the stories we had after Julien moved back to Paris 10 years ago.

The nostalgia begins with stories of our old friends from elementary school, the good ones, the bad ones... We were talking about this guy, our school mate whose attitude so bad and rude, we imagine he’s now a criminal and is in jail. Our bestfriends, teachers that we love and hate, stuff like that. Julien still remember how at weekends it’s either Tisha and him had a sleepover at my place, or vice versa. I asked him if it would be good enough for me to study abroad and he said yes, and he knows that I really want to move to London :)

I taught him slang Indonesian words like “songong” and “sotoy”, and yeah he pronounced the word “SONG-GONG”. I realized Julien has not changed that much. I mean he’s a lot taller, and honestly he’s getting funnier indeed, he did lots of funny things, but he’s still the old Julien I knew years ago. He asked me “Seriously? I did not change? Emang dulu aku bandel dan jahil juga?”, again with his funny Indonesian accent. And yeah, he still craves for soto ayam, onde-onde, gado-gado, etc. That’s when I taught him the word “sotoy” and he said “AAAAH you made me remember SOTOY AYAM. Mom I want soto ayam.”

That day was just awesome.. Imagine you’ve never met your friends for about 10 or eleven years long, and just like that you had a cup of coffee and talked for hours. Too bad he has to go back to Paris this Saturday, but we promised to meet up again soon. So see you, Julien!
His last text for me: 
"It was great seeing ya! Hope there will be another time, in Paris, or Jakarta, or even Surabaya!", amen to that.

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