Hurts live at NYLON Music Festival

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I knew HURTS since the beginning of 2010 when I first listened to Better Than Love, and fell in love right after the song ended. I tried to look for their CD but it said on the Internet that they have not released a CD yet so I waited and waited. I downloaded some of their song and they made me love them even more. I asked my friends if they know Hurts but too bad they dont, I had fun with their songs alone until finally a friend of mine asked me to send her the songs, and I was so happy cos she said she likes the songs. 

I waited for months, and finally they released the CD. I, literally, went to the music store that day, and the CDs havent arrived yet. So the next day I went to the store again, and bought it. The first day Happiness album released in my town.

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I have never had a thought that they will have a concert here in Jakarta, because I know that Hurts is not as big as such bands like Mew, Kings of Convenience, etc.. When I went to Hongkong I saw posters telling us that Hurts will have a concert on May 11th and I was so desperate I want them to play in my town too, but then.. 

I was soooo surprised, I was so stoked when I read Urbanite Asia's tweet about Hurts' concert in Jakarta I was like "WHATTTT THE FUCK SWEET JESUS IS THIS REAL?!", and yes, it's totally real. I can not believe they brought Hurts to Jakarta. I thanked Godddd for it. 

Hurts played live at NYLON Music Festival here, and the concert was located at Epiwalk. I watched the concert with my bestfriend, Skinnymarie. A guy from NYLON took pictures of me and Skinnymarie for the magazine :) The venue was not big, but I really like it a lot because the concert was like... an intimate concert.. The stage was not high, a knee-high, the space between the stage and the front row was only about a meter.

Jonas from Mew is still the God of all guys in the world but I can not lie that Theo Hutchcraft is one sexxxxy man with niceeee voice and sexxxy dance moves, super sexxxy smile, and ultra sexxxy stare, seriously, my ovaries exploded when he smiled while raising his eyebrows twice.

I dont care if you tell me that he wasnt actually smiling at me, but I am fucking sure that he smiled at me because I stood there like in front of his mic, likeeee in front of where he stood on the stage, seriously. I know, call me a psychofangirl, but.................. I cant even.............................. Adam's also super cute he pulled funny faces, but I still love Theo, his stare made me pregnant. I recorded some of my fav songs, enjoy.