Assignments, Assignments, Conference.

It has been a very busy month. I have lots of assignments to do this semester and I am now working on my Intercultural Communication final project, which is going to be an International Conference on June. All students from the major PR and Mass Communication are divided in class-groups. Every class represents a country, and my class got Germany. My project leader asked me to be one of four representatives for my class, and we will have a culture-related debate with representatives from other class and countries. 

Actually this project is really fun and also tiring at the same time. Fun, cos we got a chance to learn deeply about those countries' culture and stuff by watching their movies, listening to their music. We have to go to the embassy and ask questions, promote the event to everyone, make videos, etc. Tiring, because we only have less than 2 months to prepare all of them. Each and everyone of us representatives has to watch the movies, then analyze them, relate the movie to all aspects such as stereotypes, ethics, language, relationship, etc. 

Took quotes from those movies that are important and relate them to the country's condition right now. We have to listen to their music, analyze the lyrics, and find out if the artists talk about love, or other stuff. See? It's fun, yet tiring. So please, wish us a very good luck, because the conference will be held on June 22nd, and there will be VVIP guests, like all ambassadors from embassies, they will watch us debate!! It's making us nervous, but we will do our best for this project, so pray for me and my classmates!

Another big assignment I have this semester is that I have to make an online campaign for my Digital and Social media subject. My group made a campaign called "Books for Future", if you have not heard of it and have not followed our twitter and liked our page on facebook, well you should!

The campaign encourages us to grow our desire to read books more often than before. We have to reach 600 followers on twitter and 1,800 likes on FB page til the end of June. Thank God because everyone's now on twitter, we've already had 1,200++ followers on twitter. I, myself can not believe that there are still so many book lovers these days, when some people prefer things that are related to the internet or maybe they also prefer to watch TV rather than reading books. But anyway, we still need your help to reach the goal, if you love to read books, if you need any recommendations about books, follow us on twitter and like our page on Facebook.

Can I tell you one more story because I feel like I need to share this with you guys. Have you ever felt so sad because there's this really big opportunity coming to you, all people around you support you, but you decided to not take it? I have. 

Last week, my uni sent me a recommendation letter, telling me that they have an acceleration programme (a combined programme bachelor/master's degree), where you can get your master in only 5 years. I've been dying to take it since forever, because like... You can graduate from master's degree when you are only 23 years old. That's a hella great opportunity, I tell you. My dad really supported me and he forced me to take it. At first I was thinking that I will definitely take it, because this is my dream, I want it so bad. 

What made it easier is that last year, I took City&Guild examination from Cambridge, level 2, and I passed. First class pass, distinction. With this result, I don't need to take a placement test to join the acceleration programme. But then I asked my seniors about the acceleration programme. Some of them told me that it will be really tiring because I need to finish my internship proposal, my final thesis, while taking classes from master's degree (++assignments, and assignments, and assignments). Some of them also told me that I should take it, because then again, it's a great opportunity. 

I thought a lot about this acceleration programme. I looked back at how my uni-life affects my health condition these past years. I've been sick too many times, because my not-so-good immune system. Sometimes, all of the assignments made my week so chaotic. Sometimes, I could not organize my time-management, even though in the end everything went really well, and thankfully I got good grades, but still......... I decided to not join the acceleration programme. I know, my dad was a bit dissapointed with my decision. 

That time, I also felt dissapointed with my own decision, why did I waste such big opportunity? But I do think that I will have even better opportunities in the future. I am going to work in a great company, and search for scholarships abroad. I will, and I have to. I promise myself, I will make my parents proud. Amen to that :>

Did I sigh a lot? I did, literally. Haha, so to make the post brighter, no dissapointment, no sigh-ing, I'll give you the latest pictures Dhea took for our random photoshoot, enjoy! The pics with smoke - all totally failed, LOL. Dhea needs to work on that later ;)

PS: My brother has already graduated from high school! Congratulation, broski. Mom Dad and I are so proud of you. Fuck school, say hello to waking up late and university, man!