Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yearly Shopping Time

I went to Hong Kong again last week. I've got nothing to say tho, because I've already posted all stories about HK here in my blog. Call it the yearly-shopping time, I spent the whole week shopping with mom and dad. Too bad, Shodi could not come with us because he was having his national examinations! I do think I should go to HK with my broski alone to visit Disneyland in the future.

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Beside shopping I went to Lantau Island because I was eager to see the big Buddha. I felt so peaceful when I reached the top of Ngong Ping. I compared the size of my body to the statue, and guess what, my body is smaller than its thumb! Anyway you can go to Ngong Ping by bus or cable car, I chose bus because I was too scared to use the cable car, like going to the top of a mountain by cable car is a big NO for me.
Oh, and I also visited St Paul's hospital, because my dad was born there, and also visited St Paul's convenient school because my aunt studied there too. The rest of the week were filled with shopping and eating my favourite wonton noodle.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicApart of all stuff I bought in HK last week, I think my best buy this time are Doc Martens' 6Eye baby pink boots, JohnLennon and Yoko Ono's cropped t-shirt, bagsss from H&M, and Everything Everything's Man Alive CD! I also took two posters of Hurts Live in Hong Kong ha ha ha. I'm going to watch Hurts on May 7th, I cant wait!!

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  1. I took this pic from the ferry. It's Hong Kong and you can see the traditional Chinese ship which is really awesome.
  2. The view from Salisbury Rd. where you can see the double decker bus station and the famous Hong Kong's clock tower.
  3. I found this building so beautiful, it's located at Causeway Bay, near St Paul's hospital.
  4. Hong Kong at night, took the pic from Avenue of Stars, my favourite place to hang out at night, when I felt tired already after the whole day walking from one place to another. You can find Starbucks here, so yeah :)
  5. Me in front of: The Big Buddha, Hurts posters before I took em, and Nathan Rd!
  6. My 6Eye stepped on ParkLane!


eLFiRa aRisanti said...

itu foto item putihnya diedit di photoshop apa gimana?

Shida Aruya said...

iya diitemputihin aja, tadinya berwarna :D