"This is for your friend!"

It is April 29th, 2011. And well, mostly today, people are cheering for the royal wedding, Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton, but to be honest I dont really care about it. Cos what I fucking care about today is that one of  my fav bands, Is Tropical, is coming to Japan and they said that they'll be at Harajuku around 2pm, to be tourists. 

I felt totally miserable when I read their tweet yesterday, because yeah..... I won't be able to come to Harajuku, and I laughed everytime the members of the band tweeted about Tokyo, I felt desperately miserable, I had a fake laugh.

But then I told my Japanese friend, named Erika that the band is going to Harajuku. Erika is also their biggest fan, so she decided to go there and meet them. She told the band via facebook and they replied "see you in an hour and half", damn I was excited and nervous even though I am not the one whom going to meet them hahaha. And yeah, I am friends with all of the members on facebook and they are totally kind! Like super kind, the drummer, Dom once said "happy valentines" to me, they also follow my tumblr, and I puked rainbow reading that, thanks to them.

So, after long hours of waiting for a news from Erika, she finally told me that she went shopping with them, and Erika told them about me, that I am one of their biggest fan, she also showed them my tweets, and their comment was "REALLY COOL!". OMG I AM PSYCHEDDD!!! 

Erika took pictures of them, and they said "THIS IS FOR YOU FRIEND!" and then they posed for me!  BIG LOVE AND THANKS to Erika, you go girl! OMG can I just you know............ Kill myself right now, be a ghost and fly to Japan to watch their gig tomorrow?