I Just Had Chikungunya!

I am saying hi to all of you guys! It's been a long time since I wrote my last post about Mew at Soundburst Music Festival (which was last year), and I started to blog again because I joined the Cornetto Competition, so I haven't actually write stuff like I used to write a long time ago! 

For starters, I've blogged two posts that contains my drawings, and now I just wanna give you the latest pic of mine -- being super narcissistic. I don't change a lot tho, well I think I don't, but when I went to my campus at the first day of 6th semester, some of my friends told me that I'm getting fatter, but some of them said I'm super skinny. I think I'm getting skinnier because I've been sick for the first two weeks of my 4weeks holiday last month. 

A mosquito bit me and it gave me the worst disease I've ever experienced in my life, Chikungunya. Got fever for about 4 days and my bones started to hurt, from my neck, spine, my arms, my fingers (I could not even make a fist), my legs. I was not able to stand up on the ground for two weeks, I could not go to sleep because it really really really really hurt a lot. That was really bad, but thank God I'm curedddd, I can go back to my daily activities and have fun with my life.

And yeah, I also want to thank my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog. Visitors that gave me their words on my cbox, I really appreciate it. I'm so happy just to see people wrote "blogwalking" there. They made my day. I promise I will link you guys back as soon as possible, and will follow you back too! And promise that I will blog posts at least every week! So see you :)

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