Saturday, March 26, 2011

MGMT - not :(

I feel miserable right now. I don't blame MGMT cos they come here tho, no. I do blame myself. I really, really havent got any money left in my pocket months ago cos I bought lots of stuff (which is very important to me, thousand times more important than just a ticket to a concert), so I decided not to buy the tix, and I actually ignored all stuff that are connected to mgmt. Like when my friends asked me if I'm going or not I was like "nah" and when they asked me why, I didnt say anything. Just to make it worse, my cousin's wife went to my house weeks ago, said that she watched mgmt once at Coachella, the only senctence I remember is "IT'S A MUST TO WATCH THEM LIVE, SERIOUSLY".
I tried so hard to ignore and forget about mgmt, when finally one of music promoters told us that The Drums and Hurts are going to have concerts here in my town. That time, all the thoughts of mgmt disappeared instantly. Because frankly, if I have to choose which one I like more (or in this case, which two), I am mad for Hurts and The Drums, and yes, bought The Drums' ticket already. Still until then, I didn't really care anymore about mgmt.
But today is March 26th, finally. The day comes, tonight mgmt will perform at Bengkel Night Park. My friends in my twitter timeline talk about mgmt since last night, this hurts me so bad. I'm seriously getting more miserable missng out on this concert. So miserable I mute some of my friends on twitter today, hahaha. Gonna unmute them tomorrow. All I can say is have fun, guys. I told my gurlfriend to go run to the front row, I mean, come on it's Andrew right there, spread your legs gurrrrl!! No, seriously I am not kidding and my friend said, "OH I AM SO READY TO GET ANDREW INSIDE MY PANTZZZ". True.

Well... let's just forget about mgmt, I drew a lot these past days.. I haven't got no time to scan them (kidding, I'm too lazy to scan them). I only scanned this one, because this guy right here asked me to send this picture to his email, so yeah........ *faint*
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and anyways, 

1. would you guys please check this out? My brother's band, Coke In My Pocket got the chance to be reviewed by Hai Magz, and they got a page on Music Demos. I really like how they called CIMP's genre "hidden heavenly indonesian beaches' waves at midnght", kinda long but it's rockin, I think. Go listen to their songs and be a CIMPanzee!

2. my bestfriend-forever, Dhea, finally made a new blog! She said I am her inspiration (I dont really know what is she talking about) but yeah, you should visit and follow her blog. She's the photographer to all of our random shoots (1 + 2), so I promise you won't regret it. Thanks!!

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