Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Katakan Dengan Cornetto"

If someone asks you about teenage life, what will you say? Some say it's the most difficult stage in life, you know... It's the time when you need to "choose" almost about anything. School, university majorinag, maybe a place for your part time work, and stuff. But then again, the most exciting thing about teenage life is their love life.
I know almost all of you have experienced feelings like.. When you're so excited to go to school just because you want to see your crush, or when you always come to some places just because you know that your crush will be there, and you enjoy your time only watching him/her from distance. And maybe when you are in love with your own bestfriend, but are too afraid and too shy to tell them how you feel.. I've been there too, and that's just how exciting a teenage love life is.

As I said in my previous post, Cornetto launched its new variant called Disc Strawberry Cheesecake, and the launching came with a theme called "Katakan Dengan Cornetto", which is a very unique event. Why? Because it's a series of creative and positive activities that comes from teenagers whom are going to help other teenagers to express their feelings. "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" was a good option to choose when you are too embarrased and confused about how to tell your crush that you like him/her.

About 10-future-couples have already been chosen by Cornetto team and once again I've got the chance to come to the event to watch those teenagers expressed their feelings to their crushes. Here I will give you a video footage of "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" which was held last Friday at Taman Ayodya. It's only a minute long though, so why dont you watch it first, and I will tell you the whole story after that :)
The hints are:
  • The guy sitting on the bench is the target
  • The girls whom help the "future-lovebirds" come from Tari Saman SMA BM 400
  • One of those girls, was the one whom will confess her love

The story goes like this..

Andrina asked her friends from Tari Saman SMA BM 400 to help her express her feelings to a guy that she likes named Bagus. The guy she likes is (somehow) being forced to sit there on the bench and those two girls whom sat with him had to distract him, so he would not realize that a girl is going to do a love-confession to him.
For about 15 minutes, in all of a sudden Andrina and four Saman dancers came and danced in front of Bagus. Then, the dancers changed the last sentence from Tari Saman's song to "I LOVE YOU". Andrina stood up and with this blushing face and everything (because almost everyone at Taman Ayodya watched the process, and finally that time came, you know.. When you have to be honest and actually tell your crush about your feelings) and she said "I love you ......". Thankfully after that intense moment, Bagus said that he likes Andrina too and they of course ate Cornetto Disk Strawberry Cheesecake together. I really hope their relationship lasts..

Well, that's how "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" helped the future-lovebirds! If you've already read my previous post you'll understand why they used Tari Saman :) So yeah, it's a creative way to express your feelings. I am not saying that you are boring if you aren't using "creative" stuff to tell your lovers that you love them, but think about it, if you do it in a creative and unique way, this will be a very sweet memory for both of you lovebirds and you can have a story to tell in the future! So go hang out with your partner, eat Disc Strawberry Cheesecake, and spread the love!

PS: the song I used for the video is Naif - Curi Curi Pandang. Somehow it's really connected to "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" event :p

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