Wednesday, February 23, 2011


aA friend of mine named Dinda called me the other day and asked me to join a blog competition about Cornetto's new Disc Strawberry Cheesecake launching. Random thought popped to my mind, "I love ice cream, I mean, c'mon who doesn't?", without thinking twice I said yes to her offer. So today I'm going to tell you the story behind all of the journey of "Katakan Dengan Cornetto".

It's February and as we all knew before this month is always connected with Valentine's Day, love is everywhere. Cornetto decided to launch its newest variant called Disc Strawberry Cheesecake with a theme "Katakan Dengan Cornetto". I got an honour to come to the launching and it went like this.. We were greeted by a very huge Cornetto in the middle of this round stage. I was kind of surprised and curious at the same time! Because I really did not know what's inside that huge thing, and finally the crew opened it and hell yeah you can see that yummy strawberry ice cream inside it.

after that I heard the sound of drums and sax and flutes, you name it. Yes, a marching band showed up behind me and I was like whoa! Another surprise from the event. I finally understood that "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" used some extracurriculars from 5 of the greatest high schools in Jakarta (SMAN 14 - marching band, SMAN 6 - cheers, SMAN 79 - paskibra, SMAN 3 - modern dance, and SMA BM400 - saman dance) to help the candidates of "Katakan Dengan Cornetto" to tell their lovers how they really love'em. The marching band then followed by Modern Dance, Paskibra, Saman Dance, and Cheers. And anyway, I am so proud of my high school's cheerleaders :p

Wait, it has not finished yet! Another super surprise came from the round stage I've told you before! It's NAIF!!!! David wore a pink shirt and he said it's special for Cornetto's "Katakan deengan Cornetto" and also for the Valentine's Day.

They brought lots of songs and they also gave us chances to pick the songs we want to listen to :D Naif also brought the single "Karena Kamu Cuma Satu" from their newest album, Planet Cinta. The song is quiet cathy, I like it, the audience love it. Here you can see how attractive David was that night. Just as always, with his famous live performance, jumped everywhere and shouted a lot to arouse our adrenaline. That's just hot!

Finally after Naif ended their performance, the last surprise was "FREE ICE CREAMSSSS"! People got a chance to try the newest variant of Cornetto! I tried one too, and I like it. Tasted as sweet as love on Valentine's Day! Well, that's all! The love parade and the launching successfully completed that night! Everyone's going home with smiles on their faces :)

I actually also have a story behind the competition itself. Right after I got home from the launching parade, my memory card was corrupted. All the videos and images I took at the parade were gone, I cried myself to sleep! But then my friend gave me a software to restore all the corrupted files (gosh, lotta thanks to Martin), even though I could not restore the videos, I thank God the pictures were safe. 

The next day, I got fever and my bones like from neck - back - arms - legs hurt so bad, I could not walk, yes, I got chikungunya. I told Dinda that I was going to quit the competition because I didnt have the energy to even open my laptop! But Dinda forced me to write this post, and finally yeah, here it is. Thanks for reading, dont forget to keep reading my blog because the journey has not finished yet! I still have lots of stuff to tell you! ANDDDD my last note, go to the supermarket and buy Cornetto Disk Strawberry Cheesecake! <3


bootylicious said...

Be itu yg super besar bukan eskrim beneran kan ? :O :O

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

menyenangkan sekali liat gambar yang gerak gerak gitu :)


arin: hahaha of course it's not baby, it's just a fake ice cream but dont u think it's yummy?

elfira: ehehehe terimakasih!

jacobian said...

so anyway, how can you make a picture move like that?can't you just make it still?