Monday, December 20, 2010

MEW at Soundburst Music Festival -- My best birthday present

December 2010.

You guys know that MEW is my life. So, I went to Surabaya only to watch MEW live at the Soundburst Music Festival two weeks ago. I felt so sick the day before I went to Surabaya, felt butterflies flew inside my stomach, stomach cramps, and stuff, why? Because I dont know.. I felt like I'm going to meet Jonas, Silas, or Bo like... in front of my face (at least I was hoping so bad to meet them). I went there with some of Indonesian Frengers from Jakarta like Ditar, Dion, Papi, Ario, Vindri, Dhika, etc. Ok, this is going to be a long story.

After we arrived in Surabaya and found a place to stay, I went to this mini market to buy coca cola (which was going to be the ticket to Soundburst), that time, I didnt bring my wallet but two cameras! That's kinda weird, and for me, I didnt know too why I brought cameras instead of wallet! Once I reached the mini market, Dion called me and hysterically said, "Where the heck are you? Come back here, no need to change clothes, we're waiting inside the car in front of the homestay, quick!". Then I said, "Wait, what's going on?", the answer from Dion made me shiver "We're going to go to Dapur Desa, Jonas Bo and Silas are now having dinner there". I ran back to the homestay and thought "fuck, thankGod I brought my cameras, thankyou God. Thankyou".

Inside the car, my friends said that the trip was actually a gambling. Someone posted a pic of Mew having dinner at dapur desa but it was 30minutes ago, so we didnt know if they're still there or not. But Ditar whom arrived at dapur desa minutes before us gave me the answer, she said, "Yes. MEW is inside". That just gave me another stomach cramps.

The girls, Ditar Vindri Rizky and I went inside the restaurant but we didnt see anyone there on the 1st floor. So we acted like we're searching for a venue for a party and asked the manager to show us the VIP rooms which are upstairs. The manager agreed and brought us four to the 2nd floor, while the boys were waiting outside. There. I was standing in front of the VIP room, and someone wearing a black suit with this very warm aura walked in front of me, and guess what, I saw his face, and he smiled, yes.. Jonas Bjerre. Jonas smiled to me and Ditar. I got so weak in the knees, I cant hardly smile back to him! I knew I was looking so stupid, but it's Jonas! The most gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my life!! I freezed a while and went back downstairs.

We told the guys to wait outside, and we're going to wait for Mew to come down, so once the bodyguards come down we just need to call the guys and ask them to go inside the restaurant. We were so confused of how to make Mew notice that we're there for them, so I asked Ditar if she brought the "Eggs Are Funny" mask, and when she showed me that she brought them, I said we just need to wear the mask when Mew go downstairs. They will notice us. And yeah, 40minutes after that, Silas went down and looked at us three wearing the masks, he smiled and said "Oooh..!!", he noticed the masks. Ditar greeted him and said that we're from Indonesian Frengers.. We took pictures with Silas, and then Jonas came.. He said "Hello, I'm Jonas.. how are you?" to me and smiled, he shook my hand twice, that was just the best day of my life.

We didnt have much time because the bodyguards said that Mew was having a jetlag (I know, Copenhagen - Indonesia, we're not stupid) and they were very tired so they needed to go back to the hotel and had some rest for the show. That night at the homestay, we were very surprised that Jonas tweeted this "Jetlagged in Surabaya, got some nice local cuisine and got to meet some lovely Indonesian frengers all the way from Jakarta! See you guys tomorrow at the show! - Jonas" His tweet made me shaking, all shivery and I wanted to cry tears of happiness.

The next day, Soundburst Music Festival 2010 at Pantai Kenjeran Surabaya! Mew played at 12am-2am and another best day of my life, I was standing at the front fucking row! Look at how near Silas played the drum in front of me :D The setlist was freaking amazing, they played Tricks of The Trade, Eight Flew Over One Was Destroyed, Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years, which were very rare.

The best part was when Jonas took a panoramic picture of us Frengers beforre they played the new song called Do You Love It, and said "Kamu cantik-cantik" I felt like fainting, seriously. Jonas also posted the pic right after the show to facebook and twitter with the caption:

"Thank you so much for a beautiful night, Surabaya! And all the Indonesian frengers who traveled
all the way from Jakarta!!"

The third day, I went to Sheraton with Ditar and Fajar to meet the guys from SoundRhythm, and yeaaaah another best day of my life, Bastian and Dr Nick Watts showed up and we took pics with them :D Doc said I am so small!! Hehehe He's such a sweetheart!

I thank you God for giving me the best days of my life (so far), I've never felt this good before. Got the chance to talked to Jonas and Silas, Bastian and Nick (Bo was sick so he didnt get out from his room), stood at the front row the whole freaking show, recorded the whole show (you guys can watch the videos on my facebook). 

2010 is the best year of my life, I turned 20 years old this year, got the best present ever (MEW). You will never know how happy I am right now. It's almost two weeks after the show and I still remember Jonas' smile, I still remember his voice. Mew really give colours to my life.


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I really like your blog Shida. The design is so appealing and your photos are really cute.

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thanks a lot nick. I really appreciate that!!