Monday, September 20, 2010

The Anatomy Show and Fixie!

Shizzz. Tomorrow will be my first day of 5th semester after all the 2 months holiday. My brain has been frozen already. Have no mood to study at all but meeting friends! A lot happened this past 2 months. I've been very very happy. Surprises to surprises came to my life and they are awesome.
Anyway.. Yesterday I went to this very interesting exhibition called "The Anatomy Show" which consists of real human bodies and organs that are preserved using a preservation process called Polymer Impregnation. The exhibition is super cool and creepy at the same time, hahaha. But overall it was very educational.
The exhibition takes place at fX Sudirman, held until October 3rd, and the ticket price is 70.000 rupiah.

Here are some pics I took yesterday.
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real skull. epic!

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This is a body that was divided into 409 parts. And it's fokin creepy!! Looks a bit like beef bacon, hahaha. The white parts are the muscles. And below are your inside, guys! That's what you'll look like when you dont have skin!

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And, my family have been sooo into fixie and bikes lately. My dad actually has passion for mountain bikes since he was young, but he stopped riding his bikes a long time ago, but then these young dudes, my brother, my cousins started to ride fixie, and my dad finally brings his memories back! The whole holiday, everytime the boys met at some place, what they've always talked about are bikes bikes bikes bikes and especially fixie.
I just knew that every Sunday the boys gather at Sudirman to ride their fixie. I finally decided to come with them last Sunday, and hell yeah there are lotsssss of cool fixies and bikes down there! I also found lots of my friends! And, yeah.. I also decided to make one for myself! My dad has already bought the frame and the wheels. It's time for me to design and decorate my bike, it's gonna be all black and magenta!! So see you next Sunday!

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my brother and his fixie
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PS: It's Septemberrrrrrrrrr!! September 28th will be my birthday! I can't believe I'm gonna be 20 years old this month, Geez. Shoud I make a wishlist? TeeHee.


Risyaa♥ said...

creepy creepy anatomy show! (>.<)

my DAD also has a big passion for mountain bikes. he bikes 3x every week to almost many places in Indonesia.
good luck with them.. it's a healthy hobby ;)


jacobian said...

wow...I am so glad that I didn't miss my biology class before.that exhibition is rad.

so anyway good for you to rides a bike.keep it up then.


Risya: yeah that was totally creepy! but cool.
thankyouuuu I;m going to follow your dad then! HIHIHI. do you ride bikes too?

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

aduh ngeri ngeri gimana gitu liatnya


elfira: emang!! serem. ini yg dimasukin yg standar fotonya banyak yg lebih serem haha