Monday, August 23, 2010

Evening Memories

So have you guys went to the Visual Art Exhibition, EVENING MEMORIES?

It's my friend Tampan Destawan and his friends from FUR magazine whom held the event. Loads of talented and like real cool artists join the exhibition. I went to Bandung (yeah, finally aholiday trip) with DheaReladi and AditTirta on friday, went straight to the gallery and found Desta, Philo, Ical, and Kintari. Helped them a bit and then we grabbed something to eat. 

The opening of the exhibition was held on aug 21st, and hell yeah loads of people came. Loads of my friends from Bandung came too, I was so excited!! Well, enough talking, here you can see some pictures I took from inside Galeri Padi. Won't give you the whole photostock, you shud come see yourself!! The exhibition is still on tho until august 28th, so if you guys have not came yet, you should, I insist. 


jacobian said...

where is this place located anyway? I live in bandung,maybe I could take a look at that place and pay a visit. :-)

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

cool :)