Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello August

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Accidentally took this pic with my Lumix, my opinion, it turns out awesome!! Haha!!

How was your July? Fun? Great? Mine was pretty fun and surprising! There were lots of crazy stuff happened on my July! So I kinda like it. And yeah, it's holiday now! My university gave us 2 months holiday, I will go back to campus and start my 5th semester on September 20th, haha that's gonna be a really long time. I am thinking about going to Surabaya and Bandung to meet my friends, but it's kind of 50% for Bandung and 30% for Surabaya and 20% staying here in Jakarta. Bandung is the nearest haha.

One of hundred things that surprised me yesterday was when Nadirah, my friend from Singapore (whom I mentioned on my older post) texted me that she's going to Jakarta next week! Hoohray!! Surely gonna meet her again.
Let's close our 'July' part from the diary, and move on to August people ;) I feel that time goes by so fast right now, dont' you think so? I asked my dad why, and he only answered with a really simple sentence, "Well, it's because you always enjoy your life". For days I thought about his answer and now I agree with him. When I enjoy my life, I feel grateful of all things that happened to me, happiness - sadness, everything, there is always a reason behind that, and what I have to do is to make all of them better than before, therefore you can feel joy in your life and time will go so fast.

I love you dad. It's going to be his month anyway, August 28th is gonna be his birthday :) Thinking of what present I should give him this year, cos he's been such a great daddy.. Like, best daddy ever! You cant imagine. Any idea guys? What should I give him?

Talking about "how time goes by so fast", my oldest cousin will have his marriage proposal this month :D I can't believe it, finally, we will have a new "member" entering the family tree! Congratulation Kakak Dimas! Ooh, and by the way, I now use Blackberry. Damn, after almost a year denying my friends when they asked me to buy a BB, I gave up. I still use my Nokia 5730 tho, cos for me that phone is like, the coolest phone I've ever had! But, well yeah, I use Blackberry. Whatever, forget it.

Best movie 2010 (so far) >> INCEPTION
Have you guys watched it? Damn.. I can not say anything.

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