Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been pretty busy with stuff lately. Campus stuff. I am now at the end of my 4th semester, it's the exam week. And all of the final assignment projects are hell confusing. I have been trying not to cry over those stuff, because if I cry I will feel weak, and maybe won't be able to do the rest. But thankfully God helps me everytime, and some of my friends are also helping me to get thru this. 

I once got so blank when I had to write a mini thesis for my English for Writing final project called "Does Advertising Reflect Culture?", but then one of my friends whom is a pro in advertising came just like that and helped me to finish the work. I also have to make tons of materials for my Desktop Publishing class, including Posters, Banners, a 20 pages booklet, Sticker, Postcards, Advertorial, and once again, when I got so blank and got no ideas at all, I feel that God helped me and just in a snap I finished them. 

 I also got this TV, Film, and Video Production class, and the whole class as a group have to make a mini program for TVRI, and we did great!!! Seriously! Please wish us the greatest luck because the winner will get 10million rupiah ;) I cant wait to know the result!

Ok, forget about my projects.

The other thing that I wanna tell you is that.. I broke up with my bf a month ago. You dont have to know the reasons why but we have already decided what's best. I was so sad back then, I felt like something was missing. But time went by and now I am okay, I've already closed my old book, and now I'm writing a new one, and yes I am single :) means more hang outs with my best friends, my family, and so on and so on. 

I also joined the Indonesian Frengers, finally. After considering a lot about it! Haha. So I have new friends, and guess what? My old friends (like... real old friends from hi-school, and even junior hi school) are now back and we've been hanging around together lotta times!

Anyway, my dad bought me a new digicam! Haha I've been craving for this shocking pink Lumix, and he bought me one :) He really knows how to make her daughter happy! And, besides being my dad's model, I also model for Canti's Goldilocks and The Party Bears, I've told you right?

Yesterday Fajar whom is my brother's friend, and also a photographer asked me to be his model too!! But sadly I could not do it for him this week because of the assignments, but I am so excited for his photoshoot later this month! I also plan another photoshoot with Dhea Reladi next month, and I wanna have the eye make up like this...... (I tried to have the PEACOCK colour, like electric blue+green, and here is the result, please ignore my bad hair!!)
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So that's all for today's post! See ya later and wish me luck!


Janitra said...

I'm madly in love with the color. Well done, bee <3


thanks Janit!!!! I'm really looking forward to the photoshoot! Hahah :D

jacobian said...

well it's great to be single though. :-)

so anyway what is Indonesian Frengers then? what kind of thing that this group involved in?

Ian D. Sitompul said...

great tone!!!
i like it...
hey,i'm tompul.nice to know ya...

zhan said...

wow... nice and very creative
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tompul: thankyou so much :) nice to know you too! You have a blog?


zhan: thanks a lot!