Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Hate Insects

Just wanna let you know that sometimes a very small insect could be so brutal. I woke up one morning finding out that my cheek hurts so bad, and also my fingers too! It looks like a fat white caterpillar glued to my finger it was so gross!! I cant show you the picture. Yuck. 

My face looks like this a week ago. It was not itchy but hurts badly. The doctor said that this small insect walked on my cheek when I sleep, bit it and peed on it! Shit! So be careful guys. The insects come from the garden, shaped like a diamond, very thin but when it bites you, creeps the hell out!
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but thanks a lot God, my face is now back to normal after the wound is dry and peels off. The colour is still a bit different tho from my normal skin, but s'okay as long as it doesnt hurt anymore. Fuck you insects.

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jacobian said...

damned insects,maybe you should use baygon at home to kill all of those insects.

*just a thought anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

baygon buat nyamuk kaliii ga bisa buat basmi semua serangga huahaha!!

Shida...mendingan kita makan sandwich aja yukk di mcd, ehh iyaa lupaa di mcd kan ga ada sandwich hahaha!!

Keep posting yaaaa Shidaa!! i always wait for your new post!

Y said...

wahh shida, berbekas gak tuh? get well soon yah!

Shida Aruya said...

anonymous: DAMN you made me laugh! May I know you? "Shida...mendingan kita makan sandwich aja yukk di mcd, ehh iyaa lupaa di mcd kan ga ada sandwich hahaha!!" that is ridiculous! HAHAHAHA please tell me your name I have something to say to you in private! Thanks a lot btw :)

Shida Aruya said...

Y: sekarang sih warna bekas lukanya jadi beda sama warna kulit di muka jadi lebih pink gitu but it's getting better! Thankyou!