Saturday, July 24, 2010


People, have I told you that I went to the latest Brightspot Market? It is the place where you can find lots of cool local and international designers' shops! Well for me, it's both a place to shop and also a place to meet my friends from around the city and also from outside :) Didn't take a lot of pictures tho because it was so crowded there I was too lazy to bring out my camera! But got some shots from Dhea's camera, here!

Dimas Theodora, my old friend, whom is a member of Localdrugstore!
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 Lady, Tata, and yours truly
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So, did you guys go to Brightspot too? Gonna meet you soon at the next Brightspot Market!


jacobian said...

well you look sexy there with your short anyway why is the photo black n white? don't you like colourful photo?

Anonymous said...

@jacobian : emang kenapa bang kalo fotonya black and white? keren2 aja kali... Trus sexynya dari mana sih.. sopan2 aja bajunya Shida..

btw gw juga pergi ke brightspot, emang keren2 bgttt barang2nya,salutt sama desainer2 indonesia

Shida Aruya said...

jacobian: ya emang gaboleh kalo warna item putih -__- zz

anonymous: ha, dont know what's wrong with that, meh. ahhh so who are you? we shud meet up at the next brightspot! :D

Aditya Tirtakusuma said...

Bear bear :D :D