Trying Out The Revenge of The Mummy

I went to Singapore with my brother and three of my cousins a week ago. It really boost up my mood. Because if you read my latest post, I felt so bored and mad, but Singapore made me happy.

The purpose was actually to go to the new Universal Studios Singapore. Hell yeah the place is so great, it's a must to go there! Too bad the biggest roller coasters (Battlestar Galactica) has not opened yet, but the second greatest attraction which is "Revenge of The Mummy" (from Wikipedia: a high-speed psychological thrill ride with sharp turns and fast reverse sections, as it pits guests against fireballs, scarab beetles and robotic warrior mummies — all in total darkness) is the best! I rode that twice, if you're so curious about the attraction you can search it on youtube.

Almost all of the attractions are great, I went to the "Steven Spielberg's Lights! Camera! Action!" twice it was so cool, but I haven't uploaded the video! The rest of the attractions from Jurassic Park, Shrek's Far Far Away Castle, Sci-Fi, etc are also awesome! 

PS: A bonus picture of my brother.